The Amazing Race Recap

By Daron Aldridge

October 4, 2011

Rob and Amber are never going to shut up about this.

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While I actually like the fact that the first episode got a non-elimination out of the way early, the show is upping the ante this week with our first ever Double Elimination. So, the pressure is really on for the teams to not just assume Speed Bump-addled Bill & Cathi are the given first losers.

With a super-sized whittling of teams this week, I fear that this episode could be thoroughly anti-climatic. We rarely see a three-way race for last and that’s what is needed for my fear to be allayed.

You never know, though, because based upon the first leg, I was pretty far off on some of these teams…namely, the three that took gold, silver and bronze last Sunday night. Here is how I would rank the teams now with only 42 minutes of actual racing behind them:

  • 1. Engaged Ernie & Cindy: They took first and proved me way wrong that her control freakiness would be their downfall. Ernie actually credits it for their success, so he appears ready to keep dancing with the one who brung ‘em. (And she is clearly leading that dance.) As long as it continues to work, then go for it.

  • 2. Laurence & Zac: Team Regatta was relatively quiet the first leg and finished in the middle of the pack but I think they have the skill and ability to perform in high stress situations to defy the parent/child team curse. They could possibly win the whole enchilada.

  • 3. Team Survivor Ethan & Jenna: They can and should be able to recapture their reality competition mojo to make it to the end. With possible foolishness, I may be giving their reality resume too much weight and it’s probably because I want them to stick around. I mean, what kind of soulless person do you have to be to root AGAINST a guy who fought off cancer?

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  • 4. (tie) Married Amani & Marcus and Team Dude Andy & Tommy: Admittedly, these rankings are relying a lot on their "non-race" lives but what else do I have after only one leg? With these teams you have a veteran of the NFL and two Olympic snowboarders. They have earned the benefit of doubt with regard to their drive and competitive spirit.

  • 5. Dating Jeremy & Sandy (or Team Test Drive, named for Jeremy’s asinine theory that the race is a perfect place to test relationship longevity): Despite their favorable second place finish, I can’t get past their stated lack of confidence in each other in pressure situations. This may be a nonfactor but I still need that proof.

  • 6. Partners Ron & Bill: You can add the flight attendants/domestic partners to my long list of who I got wrong. I was expecting more strategic play than the first leg allowed with only two flights, so if they stick around, they could prove to be smarter players.

  • 7. Siblings Justin & Jennifer: Like Jeremy & Sandy before them, I don’t think their strong first leg showing can mask the potential for disaster with this team. Specifically, I refer to Jennifer’s widely expected meltdown/temper tantrums.

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