Monday Morning Quarterback Part III

By BOP Staff

September 21, 2011

There went your fantasy football season (yes you, Kim Hollis).

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Edwin Davies: My experience of watching Drive was pretty much exactly the same. There was a clear change in the atmosphere once things started to go wrong; it was almost like someone had turned the temperature down in the room and everyone started getting goosebumps. Even though I was painfully aware of how much some of the other patrons didn't enjoy the first half, it was worth it for the moments when they all seemed to get on board with it.

Max Braden:

Drive - I liked this though I heard a bunch of complaints from the rest of the audience. There could have been more action, but I got into the slow burn.

Ironclad - This was a direct to video historical epic costarring Paul Giamatti as King John after the signing of the Magna Carta. (I always find it interesting when movies starring Oscar nominees don't make it into theaters). As a fan of history, I found it watchable and informative but I could see complaints that it's a little too First Knight.

Contagion - This could have been a great movie but there's too much Soderbergh in it. It falls into a weird zone of part drama, part documentary, part music video without the music. That Jude Law's villain was a blogosphere hero was almost laughable, and the movie really doesn't address the global and domestic economic chaos that would affect people like Matt Damon's character. How did he keep eating that entire time?


Something Borrowed - I caught this on DVD after dismissing it as just another romance when it was in theaters. I was really pleasantly surprised and at this point it's competing with Super 8 as my favorite movie of the year. Krasinski is really funny, and I thought the characters and relationships were far closer to real than most romantic comedies. I think people who liked Definitely, Maybe would like this movie.

The Debt/Jolene - I lump these together because of Jessica Chastain. Jolene is available on DVD and stars Chastain in a multi-decade role as a woman moves from place to place and husband to husband. She's very good in both movies and I expect she'll be the next big thing. The Debt was decent but the casting was so reversed in physical appearance that it was distracting.

Your Highness - I gather a lot of people thought this was stupid and didn't like it. I tend to dismiss a lot of crap for the same reason, but somehow this one caught my funny bone. The endless juvenile dialogue was right up my alley. Plus Danny McBride does a pretty good English accent.

My full list of movie commentary is available on my Big Board.

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