BOP 9/11 Archive: Part Three

By BOP Staff

September 13, 2011


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Lafarrow: “This was flashy but yet, not overly damaging from a "war" standpoint. real damage would have been to hit some refineries, shipping ports, transportation hubs, etc. Buildings are replaceable rather quickly. Since the attack has been compared to Pearl Harbor it would seem this attack is the equivalent of the japanese sinking battleships but not hitting the fuel and other infrastructure that allowed the us to build replacements. wars are won by destroying infrastructure not icons. Yes it hurts, yes it was attention getting and yes it will scare people, but the long term effect will likely be negligible. I would suggest, however, that everyone make sure they have some food in the pantry as the cancelling of flights could cause some shortages in the short term. In the long term changes will be made and as one commentator said, "The American people would rather send these people
to hell than bring them to justice."

"The government still stands, the economy will not collapse, american resolve will galvanize and someone will pay the price for this act. it won't matter if they are the right person but there will be hell to pay.

"Lastly, has anyone heard from the air traffic controllers? When did they know they had a renegade? How fast did they ground traffic? I think the whole thing is amazing and doubt a small terrorist group is responsible. That being said, if you want to hurt Bin Laden et al, seize their accounts or funds. cut off the money and see what happens. Also, if china is backing Iraq (for what who knows) that is OK, it will just push Iran closer to the US - the more things change the more they stay the same.”

Musubi: “But, like hyde said, this is a symoblic attack, not a strategic act of war. And they demolished a highly visible symbol of American Commerce. Fucking cowardly fucks.”


Woody: “We've actually been saying for most of the day: why the WTC and not Times Square? I actually think they could have done more damage by grounding two planes down Broadway. I think this was clearly a TV thing...especially the forethought to crash the second plane 18 minutes after the first...for the TV cameras.”

RKD: “My theory is partially that they waited the 18 minutes until not only cameras were on scene, but also rescue workers.

"Either that or that's just the quickest schedule they could work out.”

Reagen Sulewski: “It's been in the back of my mind most of the day that this could be some kind of 'Project Mayhem' type group... it feels too well orchestrated.”

Jerry Simpson: “Or Rock Center...there are at least two network news groups there...that's what I'd do, take out the media...Can you even imagine, right now, what Pearl Harbor was like without instant media? or what today would have been like without CNN, Fox, ABC, etc?”

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