Monday Morning Quarterback Part I

By BOP Staff

July 18, 2011

You were supposed to wear the knickers too, you jerk.

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Joshua Pasch: First of all, someone should be giving Tom some kudos for an excellently executed Boggart reference. Well played, sir. Second of all, the accolades for this could go on endlessly. What's not to love about this result? The biggest letdown of the entire weekend is that it didn't become the first movie ever to make $100 million in a day. That's when you know you're dealing with a behemoth that makes other behemoths look less behemoth by comparison.

Jason Lee: There's not much left to be said beyond what's already been noted - from the amazing opening day number to the staggering overseas receipts. The only thing I'll add is that I was (pleasantly) surprised by how few cosplayers I saw at my screening of DH2. Compared to the amount of lightning bolt scars I saw back with Sorcerer's Stone ten years ago, I think this speaks to way that this franchise has reached out and embraced every demographic. This wasn't just a film for fans of the books or children or families or teens or adults. This was an enormous movie event for everyone.

Samuel Hoelker: I agree with Jason. It's what's great about the series too, is its maturation (which, coincidentally, happened during the years where I was supposed to mature as well). Thankfully, the masses haven't shunned what the series has become because "there's no more Quidditch!" "I wanna know who wins the House Cup!" Everything is taken more seriously while staying, well, magical. The most amazing aspect of DH2, and the series in general, is how in tune it became to the average reader.


Reagen Sulewski: Ticket price inflation, 4,000 venue openings and gimmicks like 3D, IMAX and UltraAVX have gradually made most box office achievements kind of hollow and it's nearly impossible to compare things to yesteryear. This isn't to take anything away from Potter, though, and one thing that does impress me is that in earning as much in essentially one screening as the 20th biggest day in box office, it was able to sustain that pace to some degree throughout the weekend, not exhausting the lion's share of its audience in one giant burp of fandom. Next weekend will tell if this three-day period served that same purpose, but for now, this is a triumph of building up an audience and getting them to turn out en masse.

Jim Van Nest: For me the most impressive aspect was that everyone was predicting it to beat the record and it actually did. The Mighty Casey did NOT strike out. And like The Dark Knight before it, it did it with a stellar product that seems to be pleasing everyone who sees it.

Shalimar Sahota: Well I didn't think Potter would actually do it, but I totally underestimated just how strong the midnight screenings would be, something I can see being utilised to maximum effect for more movie franchises in the future. To make near enough $100 million in one day is absolutely unbelievable. However, it also shows just how huge the demand was, as the film did lose a bit of steam on the Saturday and Sunday.

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