BOP Interview: Selena Gomez - Part I

By Ryan Mazie

June 27, 2011

It's like Bridesmaids - only with hot bridesmaids.

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Tell a bit about making Monte Carlo.

SG: It was really fun. We got to shoot it all on location, so it was all in Europe. We shot in Hungary, Budapest, Paris, and Monte Carlo. Most of the film took place in Budapest, which was interesting, and very weird, but in a very good way.

I liked shooting in Budapest, because no one really knew who I was there so it was nice to be able to just walk around, meet and talk to people. That was really fun. Not that I can’t do that anywhere else, but I didn’t have to have my Mom worrying about me and stuff.

I loved Paris, but to be honest, Monte Carlo was a little too fancy for me. It was very extravagant. My cousin came to visit me and she was in shorts and just her bikini top as we were going to the beach, and we were frowned upon wearing that about. So that was a little much for me (laughs).

I saw some interesting names during the credits, Nicole Kidman for one, and Forest Whitaker for another. Also, how did you become involved with the film?

SG: I did not meet Forest, but I did meet Nicole. She was extremely supportive. I got to go to dinner with her before the film and she was just very sweet in talking about how she couldn’t wait for me to play the role, so I was very lucky to have that over me. That felt better.

I worked with Fox on a film called Ramona and Beezus and I guess they really liked my work and were sweet enough to think about me when Monte Carlo came. So [Monte Carlo director] Tom Bezucha, Fox, and I all had a meeting. They asked me about the role and told me that it would be a good step for my movie career, and it was perfect, so I took the role.


This is a Fox production, so did you not want to do a movie with Disney right away to break from that or is this what happened naturally?

SG: No, no this just happened organically. No, not at all. If a film came in and it was distributed by Disney, I would not judge it by that.

In the future, would you be willing to collaborate again with the Disney company?

SG: Of course. I owe a lot to the channel. I don’t want to leave them, to be honest. They’ve given me everything. I’ve been very lucky. I still have a very close relationship with them and am open to do more things with them.

In the movie, you play essentially three characters: Grace, Cordelia, and Grace impersonating Cordelia. Which part did you find most challenging?

SG: Challenging would be Cordelia. She was so much fun. She was evil, but a fun kind of evil. She was an evil that didn’t necessarily use her words; it was about her actions and the way she carried herself. But it was very fun to play both characters. It was weird to play the scenes that we were together in, like doing the whole tying myself down scene was very weird. But that was a learning experience. It was funny most of the time.

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