Survivor: Redemption Island

Seems Like a No Brainer, Part 1

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 17, 2011


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We come back from break to the Final 4 celebrating as they get back to camp. Ashley and Natalie are excited to be the last girls standing. Phillip wants a group hug. He tells us that he suspected Rob had the idol, but didn't actually know. He tells us he's shocked to be in the Final 4. Ashley is totally pissed that Andrea would suggest she hasn't been playing the game. Because, look at her and stuff. Andrea has been voted out, but Ashley is still in the game. She's made big moves. We just haven't seen them...and stuff. As Phillip heads out to get some water, Rob confirms with the girls that he's the next to go. He tells them that he's gonna win tomorrow and he'll bring the girls with him to the end. With no idol left to protect him, he breaks it down as, "Ten years, four times on Survivor, 116 days, one challenge for one million bucks. That's what it comes down to. Pretty big stakes."


And with that, I'll sign off of Part 1 of the Redemption Island Finale. Look out for Part 2 as we'll see the final Immunity Challenge, the final jury member will be voted out of this game, we'll see if maybe THIS cast can avoid the Bitter Jury Syndrome that infects so many juries on Survivor and finally someone will be crowned the Sole Survivor. With one out in the ninth, Rob's perfect game is still intact. Can he get those last two outs? You'll have to come back to find out. Until Part 2, take care.

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