Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

May 10, 2011

Screw you, Lakers.

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Kim Hollis: Do you think Chris Hemsworth will be another Hugh Jackman, another Eric Bana or will his career be more like The Spirit's Gabriel Macht? In short, do you think that he's only suited for Thor, or will his career go further?

David Mumpower: Before last month, I would have said Bana would be the best case scenario for him. Bana was someone who had big things predicted for him after he arrived in Hollywood. His reputation preceded him as a great actor and funny man (no, really), and his roles in Black Hawk Down and The Hulk made him seem like the next big thing. While he has continued to earn high profile parts in the industry, Bana is not what I would quantify as an established lead actor. Macht is obviously the doomsday scenario in terms of box office appeal although he's an underrated actor. Jackman has the type of career every actor dreams of attaining in that he is universally beloved and he has a defining character whose films continue to earn the big bucks independent of their quality.

I had believed Bana's career was the best possible career trajectory for Hemsworth until recently. I am starting to re-think that. A couple of weird things help him. The first is that Thor has broken out enough that it's a defining character, and that aspect only grows with the arrival of The Avengers next year. The second is a bit random yet I believe that his younger brother acquiring a lead role in the upcoming blockbuster trilogy The Hunger Games boosts the celebrity of both brothers. The stars of The Avengers and The Hunger Games are hot shirtless dudes with Aussie accents. Heath Ledger did quite well with a similar skill set.


Josh Spiegel: I'd lean more toward the career of a Hugh Jackman than anyone else there, but it's really too hard to say. The thing that impresses me most about Thor's performance is that the lead actor is pretty much a new quantity to American audiences, unless they can recognize Captain James Kirk's dad under the blond wig and beard. Hemsworth, if he chooses smartly, could have a huge career like Jackman. I don't see him becoming as quickly forgettable as Macht's, though.

Joshua Pasch: I think its far too early to tell judge Helmsworth's trajectory. The only thing we can say for sure right now is he will be the co-star of another enormous film (Avengers), and the star of anther big film (Thor 2). Beyond that, it is anyone's guess. He's no household name at this point - not even close.

Hugh Jackman wisely built a non-superhero persona between his Wolverine outings (Someone Like You; Kate & Leopold) and built himself a big female fanbase. Helmsworth seems to be going a different route by signing onto other big pictures like Snow White and Red Dawn. He probably needs some other rom-com or character pieces in there to mix it up.

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