Survivor: Redemption Island

Episode 13 - Power Rankings

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 11, 2011

Hi Russell!

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Hello, good people, and welcome to your Week 13 Power Rankings for Survivor: Redemption Island. I was certainly hoping that as the season progressed, the Rankings would get easier. At the very least, I hoped that there would just be fewer people to rank. As it is, I'm doing Power Rankings for the second to last episode of the season and nine people are still in play. That's right...we have three hours of actual show left and HALF OF THE CAST is still out there. After the season, when I reflect on Redemption Island, this is the stat that will keep bugging me. Thirteen episodes in, we should be down to five or six people. The fact that eight people will still be alive in the finale is annoying as all get out! I'm sure I'll have more to say about that on the finale recap. For now, though, I have to tell you who's in the best position to win this game. So without further ado:

Rob - 3-1. I STILL don't think Rob will win this season, but based on everything we've seen, I have no choice but to keep Rob on top of the Rankings. He is firmly in control of his tribe. Everyone is doing whatever he says and that doesn't appear to be changing. The only thing that can take him down is Matt or a Zapatera getting back into the game.

Natalie - 5-1. The more we see, the more I think Natalie has a good chance to win this game. If Rob has his way and gets Natalie and Phillip into the final, Natalie could be the beneficiary of a Zapatera tribe that is too bitter to award Rob for kicking their ass.

Matt - 15-1 Okay, I can't avoid it anymore. Matt, despite being voted out twice, is still alive. He is without a doubt getting a winner's edit. I think 100% that if he makes the Final 3, he wins the game. At this point, I think it's more likely that Matt will win, instead of Phillip or Grant.

Mike - 25-1 For the same reason, I can see Mike taking home the crown. Not only has he stayed alive, but he's won the last two duels on RI. He's a threat to win every challenge and he will easily earn all of the Zapatera votes, should he make the final.

Grant - 30-1. I'll put Grant in here after Mike as he is a very strong physical player. He's a threat to win every time out there. Eventually, Rob will cut him loose, which may actually help Grant make the final, as he could out-Matt Matt and win his way back into the game.


Ralph - 50-1. Ralph is a strong competitor and he will win this game IF he can get back in it. Any other season, he might be able to pull it off. However, with Matt and Mike (and potentially Grant) in his way, I don't see Ralph crowing in the final Tribal Council.

Phillip - 75-1. Ya never know. Maybe the whole "crazy former federal agent" thing IS just a schtick. Maybe some people will actually believe him when he says it. I don't think there's any way in hell Phillip gets enough votes to win this game. I don't put him at the bottom, simply because he does seem in line to make the Final 3.

Andrea - 100-1. I have NO idea who will lose the Redemption Island duel this week. You'd think it would be Andrea, but depending on the challenge, she could surprise some people and help send Ralph home. Putting her here is my way of throwing up my hands and declaring that I have no idea who will actually head to the jury on Wednesday.

Ashley - 250-1. I don't expect Ashley to make it out of Wednesday's episode. And she will not be a threat on Redemption Island. I fully expect Ashley to be one of the first people sent home in the finale. Not only that, but she has been pretty ignorant to most of the people out there. So, I see no way she would ever get the votes to win. While I know Ashley will still be alive after Wednesday's show, I also know she won't be alive for long on the she goes on the bottom this week.

As you can see from my rankings above, I really have no idea what's gonna happen this week. About the only thing I'm pretty sure of is that Ashley will be the boot this week, unless she wins immunity. Which is very possible. In the previews, Rob is shown saying that the thing you didn't want to happen, happened. That could very well be that the target won immunity. If that's the case, I hate to say it, but I think Rob will cut his boy Grant loose. No matter what happens, I'm sure we're in for an interesting conclusion to the season. Check back here later in the week for the recap of Wednesday's episode as well as a special weekend Power Rankings for the finale on Sunday! Til then, take care!



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