Survivor: Redemption Island

You Mangled My Nets

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 5, 2011

Can someone get me off of Phillip Showcase Island?

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Of course, he's walking a fine line here. There's being an annoyance and being carried to the end and then there's being SO annoying, they cut you loose for their own sanity. So we see Grant and Rob talking about the obvious vote, Andrea. Rob is now having second thoughts. There's something about Phillip that has Rob thinking he's being played. But, Andrea is a tough competitor. Either way, as he sees it, he has to make the right choice here or it could be "...32 days of hard work could be gone just like that."

We start at Tribal Council and Jeff recaps the obvious: this six person alliance has to finally send someone out of the game. Andrea states that she feels confident that she's still in the game. She feels her trust is in the right place. Jeff asks Natalie whether or not this Tribal is exciting or scary. She says it's definitely scary and not any fun at all. Next we hearken back to the time when Phillip looked at the Zapatera tribe and told them he's rather be sixth man on the Ometepe totem pole than to align with them. Jeff asks Phillip if there's any part of him that might be lying down to not look like a threat and he cites Phillip's poor performance in the challenge as an example. Phillip tells Jeff that in this weather and that challenge, he was completely out of his league. He says that he keeps hoping for a challenge that features upper body strength and then begins to list his resume again. Jeff notes that while he was trying to suggest that Phillip isn't a threat, he's essentially saying, "No way, I'm a huge threat."

And then we move back to Andrea. Have we gotten to the point where being strong in challenges is a reason to vote someone out? She says that while it's an individual game, they do need to stay strong as someone will come back from Redemption and they'll need to beat them. Jeff then asks Phillip whether or not someone can get to the end by being truthful. Of course you can, look at him...he's been truthful all the way through and he could win. Jeff then asks if anyone feels uncomfortable tonight and no one raises their hand. And with that, it's time to vote.


They show us no votes as they are cast tonight, so it's all a mystery. As Jeff reads the votes, the first is for Andrea, the second is for Phillip and the rest come up Andrea...which we already knew, right? She, however, is completely blindsided by this vote and doesn't seem too happy about it.

Next time on Survivor: Grant and Rob see the girls as a threat that needs to be split up. Ashley appears to be the target. Looks like we get some more Phillip craziness and Rob tells us that exactly what you don't want to happen, just happened. I can only assume that he means something like the one person they want to send home wins immunity or something like that. Either way, we'll find out next week, which is officially Survivor Week and we have Wednesday's episode at its regular time, then the finale and live reunion on Sunday, May 15th. Until then, don't forget to check in Wednesday morning for the Power Rankings. Take care!

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