Survivor: Redemption Island

Episode 12 - Power Rankings

May 3, 2011

Rob and the Robettes (yes, I know there are two dudes).

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to the early edition of the Survivor: Redemption Island Power Rankings. I nailed last week's evictee, Julie. So yay for me for being right, for a change. I loved the double boot last week; it got us past the boring, "Which Zapatera will go this week?" storyline. However, it dumped two more people to Redemption Island, giving us four people sitting in limbo waiting for their chance to get back into the game. This does throw a bit of a monkey wrench into the Power Rankings as it's not clear how many people will actually go to the jury this episode. For the sake of the rankings, I'm going to assume only one person leaves and the rest stay on Redemption Island. With that in mind, let's get to it:

Rob - 3-1. With the decimation of the Zapatera Tribe complete, Rob has carved out a place for himself on Survivor's Mount Rushmore. His complete control of this game has been nothing short of amazing. While you'd think Rob would start to be the target now, everyone seems to think they're going to the finals with him, so no one will want to turn on him. Mix in the fact that he has a hidden idol that no one knows about, and I see no way Rob doesn't make it into the Final 5 tomorrow night.

Natalie - 5-1. I see no reason to move Natalie. She is 100% Rob's girl. She's also not going to be viewed as much of a threat. They'll target Andrea or Grant or Rob before they turn their attention to Natalie. I still say she's a virtual lock to make the Final 3. But she'll have to have a pretty impressive argument to actually win the million.

Ashley - 10-1. This is where it starts to get tricky. I think Ashley could be the beneficiary of the "there's always someone a little more deserving to go home than you" strategy. This could allow her to slide through to the end. Somehow, though, I think she'll fall short of the Final 3 and she is my nominee for "most likely to have a hate filled question/comment at the Final Tribal Council."

Phillip - 20-1. I know, I know. I had Phillip way down at the bottom of the list last week. But, we got a very small dose of Phillip in the last episode and previews for this week are suggesting that Phil may very well have been yanking our chain this whole time. Either way, I think Rob still plans to carry Phillip as long as he can...and as we've seen in the past, if you make that final jury, anything can happen.


Grant - 30-1. With the Zapateras gone, it's only a matter of time before Rob starts to eyeball Grant and his challenge prowess. Andrea seems to be a common enemy right now, but Grant will stand in Rob's way, which means he'll have to go. Not to mention that Grant might be Rob's last chance to knock Matt off of Redemption Island. Unless he makes a move against Rob, I think Grant has one more episode and then a trip to RI.

Matt - 40-1. Matt is without a doubt getting a winner's edit. With the RI duels now a matter of, "don't be last", I see no way Matt gets knocked out of any duel. One person may beat him, but there's no way he comes in 3rd or 4th. That's just not happening. And with as jury full of Zapateras, if Matt makes the finals, he wins the million.

Mike - 50-1. If Matt should somehow fall in a duel, Mike is the next in line to ride the wave all the way to the million. Again, a stacked jury will definitely award him with the money, if he can make it there. He's proven himself to be a worthy competitor and if Matt slips up at all, Mike will be right there to get back in the game.

Ralph - 75-1. Ralph is also a competitor, but he hasn't shown me that he's better than either Mike or Matt. He'll have the votes at the end, but I don't think he has what it takes to outlast the Big 2 on Redemption. I have to say, his speech at a final tribal would be a hoot, though!

Andrea - 250-1. Yep, I listed three people on Redemption ahead of Andrea. She is now in Rob and Grants' sights, and Ashley and Natalie wouldn't even consider including her in on a plot to take out Rob. She's an island out there because of her fondness for Matt. I don't see her making it out of this episode alive. And when she gets to Redemption, she's no threat to any of the guys to win a duel and will likely find her buff in the fire next Wednesday.

Steve - 1 million-1. That leaves Steve. He has shown me nothing this season to make me think he can win anything. He would have to be the odds-on favorite to lose the Redemption Island challenge, regardless of what it is. And honestly, considering he has played no real game throughout the season, he's way overstayed his welcome. Steve, the BOP Power Rankings have spoken.

And there you have it. Week 12 Power Rankings are in the books. Be sure to come back Friday to check out the full episode recap and to see how I did in "predicting" what will happen tomorrow night. Until then, take care.



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