Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

March 8, 2011

I hope the sex was hot, dude.

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If there's not a singing teapot, I don't want to know about it.

Kim Hollis: Beastly sparkled its way to a $9.9 million opening for CBS Films. Should the studio be pleased with this result?

Brett Beach: It's inexpensive, it has recognizable stars on-the-rise who don't really open films big, it has terrible reviews, and it features the always awesome NPH in a supporting role, so yes CBS films should be happy with what they have here. By next weekend, it should have made back its budget and Alex Pettyfer can keep looking for "that role" to break him big.

Josh Spiegel: If the alternative was this movie being wildly popular, I'm glad with the result. CBS Films can, I guess, be glad, too, but they're probably tired of making movies on shoestring budgets without making lots more money. Just like Lionsgate in 2004, I bet they're waiting for their Saw. It'll happen soon, or I wonder if they'll just become another Screen Gems.

Matthew Huntley: CBS Films should be pleased but not ecstatic. The core audience for this movie is teenage girls, who drove the film to a $5,000+ screen average. But just like we've witnessed with the Twilight series and Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, movies intended for this demographic often collapse by 55%+ during their second weekend. That will still be enough for this low-budget romance to be considered a mild hit but it's still a far cry from what the studio needs to considered a major player.


Bruce Hall: I was just smirking a little at the flame out that is Never Say Never. Not because I have any particular opinion on it and not because it wasn't highly successful anyway. It's because that type of long term result for certain niche pictures is so predictable. So for the same reasons that have already been mentioned I expect to be similarly amused when Beastly does the same thing, on a smaller and less successful scale. But this flick is going to fall into the "made a solid profit" category. It will accomplish exactly what all movies of this type set out to do. And that's to give face time to certain hot young actors with certain clamorous demographics, and not lose money doing it. It's not a formula that makes you rich, but it works and a profit is a profit.

Kim Hollis: Bruce, you might smirk less when you hear that The Bieber's movie has out-earned Miley Cyrus's concert film. I don't think we would have seen that coming a few weeks ago and certainly not after its initial weekend.

Reagen Sulewski: Stop trying to make Alex Pettyfer happen, Hollywood. It's not gonna happen!

David Mumpower: Unless he gets cast as Peeta in The Hunger Games, Reagen.

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