Survivor: Redemption Island

You Own My Vote

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

February 24, 2011

That's right, people. Be careful what you wish for.

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As Zapatera gets back to camp, Russell quickly finds the clue for the hidden idol in his basket. Ralph notices it and tells the rest of the tribe. He goes off with Stephanie and Krista to read the clue. Mike is pissed that Russell took the clue and didn't share with the rest of the tribe. Really? Have you never watched the show before? Oh yeah, probably not. Anyway, as they continue to get water, Ralph calls out Russell by asking if there was a clue in the basket. Or course, he lies and says there wasn't anything in there. He tells Ralph that he doesn't have a clue and that he doesn't like how Ralph is coming at him. This is a very interesting exchange. Ralph is all about how Russell should have shared the clue with the tribe and how he has to be trustworthy. Meanwhile, Ralph HAS the idol and hasn't shared that info with anyone. Now, he'd be an idiot to show anyone the idol (right, Kristina?) but that doesn't stop him from calling Russell out. As Ralph leaves, Russell gets a chuckle out of Ralph's comment that he knows how to play this game. Um, Russell, you need to get over yourself here, because ole boy does know a little something about playing this game and right now, he's got a leg up on you. And that clue you just fought so desperately to keep a secret isn't worth the scrap of paper it's printed on.

Just a quick note here and this is being added on Thursday morning after watching the entire show. In speaking with David Mumpower about this exchange between Ralph and Russell, he suggested that maybe Ralph actually thinks this clue is to ANOTHER hidden immunity idol. Here's the exact quote from Ralph, "He's got it, but it's all right. I've already got one, so I didn't need it. I'll play this game. I'll show you how smart I can be. Right on." It really DOES sound like he thinks there is a second idol out there. I hadn't thought of it that way, but it really is a hilarious possibility. Okay, back to the recap.


We take another jaunt to Redemption Island as Francesca gets her luxury item (a journal). She is still in the dark about what will happen on RI. When will the next player show up? What will the duel be? How long will they live together before the duel? And please oh please, don't let the next person be Phillip.

As Ometepe returns from the challenge, Phillip wants to call everyone together to speak to them like he did after the last challenge. As Rob calls it, the pre-Tribal Council. Phillip tells them all that they performed "gallantryly." If only he could have been as gallantryly-ish as they were. Rob steps up and tells Phillip that they win as a team and lose as a team. Rob tells us that Phillip did blow the challenge, but Matt shaking their hands after the challenge is really eating at him.

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