Top Chef All Stars Recap

By David Mumpower

February 7, 2011

At least my pasta was cooked!

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The power rankings this week are as follows:

1) Richard Blais - He won Restaurant Wars. Period.
2) Dale Talde - Offered the second best Restaurant Wars performance and has been arguably the best overall chef this season.
3) Carla Hall - Also part of the winning team last week, Carla seems to be surging at the right time just as she did during her season.
4) Fabio Viviani - Does front of the house better than anyone in the history of Top Chef.
5) Tre Wilcox - The consummate professional in a team challenge, Tre was a prep animal last week and served multiple tasty dishes. Again.
6) Tiffany Derry - Punished the least for her team's Restaurant Wars performance since she was forced to do the job nobody else wanted...or could have done as well.
7) Antonia Lofaso - She's the Calvin Johnson of Top Chef, an impeccable talent always stuck on a team that can't win.
8) Angelo Sosa - In terms of talent, he's in the top half of the remaining contestants. Why then does he continue to under-perform in team challenges?
9) Mike Isabella - Marcel deserved to go home, but Isabella's behavior was childish and counterproductive.

Good news, everyone! Marcel was eliminated last week due to not one but two #FoamFail incidents. Also, he had that minor beef with the entirety of his team that led him to getting the Stonewall Jackson treatment from them at Judges Table. Marcel has roughly the same popularity as that guy who likes to eat people and take their faces on The Simpsons. Oddly, SyFy has decided to build a television series around Marcel. Unless it's a South Park clone wherein SyFy movie villains like Mansquito take turns killing him (you bastards!), this show will be a disaster. If MegaShark eats Marcel then explains his (?) actions at Judges Table, it will be the highest rated show on cable.


The remaining nine contestants on Top Chef All Stars demonstrate more politeness than me. Tre describes the caliber of training Marcel has had and how unfortunate it is that he was unable to capitalize on it. Okay, most of the remaining nine contestants are more polite than me. Isabella may hate him even more than I do. The night after throwing Marcel under the bus, he is now ready to back up and repeat the process a few more times. While he does so, Antonia remarks that she has a list of people who needs to go home and Isabella is at the top of it. With Marcel gone, this is what passes for interpersonal conflict.

We jump straight to the Quickfire this week. And our celebrity guest judge is Isaac Mizrahi. Hmm, have I recorded the wrong Bravo television show? There is Angelo saying that his two passions are food and fashion, so I must have the right channel but now I also have the disturbing thought that Angelo considers himself a sharp dresser. Brushing the hair of dolls then changing their outfits while you threaten a kidnapping victim in your basement does not make you a fashionista, dude.

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