Top Chef All-Stars: Contestant Preview

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 1, 2010

Which Real Housewives are these?

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Fabio Viviani: The way that you're going to be able to tell that Kim is writing this chef bio is because she's going to state right here that she has a total crush on the adorable Fabio Viviani. Throughout Season 5 of Top Chef, he was a constant source of entertainment with his charming accent (which he uses to his full advantage) and effervescent personality. He's got to be good-natured to deal with William Shatner, we suppose (he's the Shat's private chef). During his season, where he got along with everyone - even the obnoxious Stefan, Fabio won two elimination challenges, finished in the top grouping four times, and was never on the bottom - except when he was eliminated ahead of the final three. It seems he barely lost out to Stefan, as Fabio's food lacked a bit of flavor and was simply not hot when served to the judges. As fun as he was to have around, in the end, it had to come down to food. Still, his ability to get along with others will serve him well here, especially since he's not fazed by strong personalities. He's the kind of guy who can work alongside a fiery Dale Talde, but he's not so overbearing that he intimidates the quieter types. He's so winning that we can't help but be thrilled that he's part of the cast, and if he has a deep run, we know we'll be entertained.


Tre Wilcox: We mentioned Tre Wilcox in our Top Chef preview because his situation was unique. He had seemed like a force during the early portion of Season 3 but then not one but two Restaurant Wars performances proved to be his undoing. Having recently re-watched those episodes, we recognized just how many mistakes Tre made along the way. We love him, but his elimination was not the miscarriage of justice we had remembered it to be. What we DO remember correctly is that Tre was tremendous at elimination challenges, winning three out of the first seven in season 3. Had he made it until the end of the game, he probably had the best chance of any contestant that season to usurp Hung as Top Chef. We consider Tre to be upwardly mobile this season despite being one of the contestants eliminated the earliest out of the All Stars. We strongly suspect that the producers of the show know that Tre is a lot better than his eighth place finish would suggest.

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