The Amazing Race Season 17, Episode 9

There’s a Lot of Nuts and Bullets

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 22, 2010

They're reading the music for All Glory to Tebow.

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Nick & Vicki are scrambling now, too. They find a flight through Dubai that would land them in Dhaka at 8:40 a.m. The agent tells them there is only one seat, but soon they find out that they have gotten seats after all. So, we have at least two teams ahead of Chad & Stephanie. Also, they take those two seats right out from under Team HSN, who is stuck with Team Almost Married.

When the doctors arrive in Dubai, they’re able to get a flight routed through Mumbai, India that will get them to Dhaka at noon. Worst-case scenario is that they are tied.

So, Jill & Thomas arrive at their prescribed location in an easy first place. They quickly fill up a mug with sugar juice, and Thomas chugs it. The clue sends them to their Detour, which makes them choose between Balanced Meal and Balanced Bricks. Meal makes them carry 30 containers of a snack to the deck of a ship, then return with the empty containers to get the next clue. Bricks instructs them to deliver 100 bricks on top of their head without breaking them. Jill & Thomas choose bricks, which seems harder, but who knows?

Well, she instantly drops her first load, so perhaps it is the tougher choice. It doesn’t matter when you’re that far in the lead, though, and they get their next clue with relative ease. Next, they must go to Dhaka River port,

Nat & Kat are relieved when they see two other teams at their airport, and Team HSN is happy to see them as well. They have a semi-alliance, so everything is back in order and right with the world.

Back over to Jill & Thomas, they arrive at the U-Turn and choose to put Team HSN on the board for the extra task, as they perceive them as the biggest threat. At what, getting watermelon slung in their face? Regardless, we know now that Team HSN, which should be one of the last three teams to arrive, is at a distinct disadvantage. Now the two of them must go on to Nazira Bazaar via rickshaw.


“If they U-Turn us, they are the biggest idiots in the world,” say Brook and Claire. We don’t know; the bikers are still in the game.

For the Roadblock, Jill & Thomas will need to assemble a rickshaw using the parts provided. Jill bitches about being sweaty, but seems to handle the task pretty well.

Remember Nick & Vicki? They’ve arrived at the sugarcane portion of the leg, and Nick, true to form, complains about stinky people, the difficulty of the task, and the horrible taste of the sugarcane juice.

Over at the rickshaw building camp, Jill has everything done except for the chain, and has to figure out what she’s done wrong.

Nick & Vicki are choosing Balanced Meal for the Detour, and complain more about the odor of the area. Nick is pretty much this pleasant all the time.

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