Survivor: Nicaragua

Stuck in the Middle

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 17, 2010

Brenda's triumphant return from burying NaOnka at sea.

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Previously on Survivor, Marty finally backed himself into a corner from which there was no escape. He’d been at the mercy of Brenda and Sash for a while now, but they’d finally decided it was time for him to go. This made Jane very, very happy.

The other aspect of the Marty vote that even the dumbest players have to recognize is that Brenda and Sash are now in complete control of the game. They have systematically eliminated everyone who they think may threaten them at the final vote. We have stressed all along that we think they’ve failed to focus on the short term. We’re about to find out whether they were right or we are.

Remember how we said even the dumbest player could recognize that Brenda and Sash are in control of the game? Hey, Holly has noticed that Brenda and Sash are in complete control of the game! She pulls Jane aside and they talk about the situation, with both of them agreeing that it is time to look into their options. In a clever bit of editing, Brenda is shown reveling in their dominance. She states that she and Sash are queen and king of Survivor, but stresses that Sash is more the queen while she is the king. This is fair warning to Chase that if they’re ever in a relationship, he will never make a decision again. Also, Brenda will call him a pussy for never making a decision.

Meanwhile, Holly is obsessing over the Brenda/Sash situation, which means that she’s going to talk about it with everyone she sees. The surprising thing is that she does get Benry to see her point of view. It’s readily apparent that Holly is going to do everything she can to get Brenda eliminated, up to and including asking Chase to vote against the girl of his dreams. As expected, Chase says, “Gee, I’d rather vote for Benry.” Benry is not as cute.


Jane also has her part to play in these machinations. “I don’t like to associate myself with villains. Not in real life. Not in this game,” she says…to NAONKA.

Fortunately, we don’t have to listen to that nonsense anymore, because it’s time for a Probst sighting. The Survivors are split into two teams of five. The reward is a visit to an active volcano, along with pizza, soft drinks and chocolate brownies. The blue team is Chase, Purple Kelly, Jane, NaOnka, Fabio, while the yellow team is Brenda, Sash, Holly, Dan and Benry. The challenge has them using four barrels, some rope and a couple of planks to move their entire team across the beach without touching the ground.

The blue team, under the guidance of Chase and with some very good communication and teamwork, gets on a roll very quickly. The yellow team only gets more discouraged when they fall off their barrels and have to go back to the beginning. This only gets the blue team more excited, and they quickly make their way to the end in dominant fashion.

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