Survivor: Nicaragua Recap

Running the Camp

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpwer

November 11, 2010

We also hate your hair.

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In this situation, Chase has to be thinking two things. First of all: Brenda is really pretty and I pretty much want to be wherever she is, win or lose. Second, it’s not a bad move to pick against whichever team has Dan. Thus, he goes with the women.

Ultimately, though, this challenge is just to tough for the women to win. It requires strength along with stamina, and when it comes to breaking through walls and climbing, they all get very tired (Jane in particular). Chase and the girls go home disappointed, while the remaining dudes – including Dan, who does a pretty good job at competing to the best of his ability here, plus allowing his teammates to take on the heavy lifiting – will be off for their reward.

And speaking of the reward, the zipline experience looks like the adventure of a lifetime. They’re all having a blast, though Dan looks nervous and ridiculous (more so). Of course, he comments that the only time a zipline would be handy in New York is if you’re a criminal. Now we’re wondering if the reason Dan has blown out his knees is because he used a zipline to rob the Metropolitan Museum of At.

While the men eat, Marty takes an opportunity to lay out the strategy for the next vote. He reiterates that they should do exactly what he says and vote off his enemy…for their benefit. Marty has been terrible at Survivor, but he’s probably solidly established himself as a future political operative.

The men also hold some bitter feelings about Chase, who went against the basic tenet of “bros before hos” because Brenda smiled and hopped up and down alluringly. Amusingly, the person most critical of Chase’s actions is…Brenda. She thinks that Chase was too emotional in his decision-making, primarily having been swayed by his attachment to maternal figures Jane and Holly. She’s also pretty disdainful of the thought that her own wink and a smile at him might have influenced Chase’s decision. This is the thanks he gets for trying to impress the pretty girl.

To his credit, at least he realizes that Brenda might not be entirely trustworthy. He discusses this question with Holly and NaOnka, who both tell him he just needs to put his faith in her, but he’s starting to seriously question whether she was the friend he believed her to be earlier in the game. At least he’s not completely snowed in by her pretty smile. Chase’s primary concern is that Brenda doesn’t bring him flowers anymore. Their relationship started with such passion, but now they never talk anymore, and he worries whether she might be aligned with Marty. For her part, Brenda doesn’t lie being the man in the relationship.


He doesn’t have time to think about it anymore, because it’s time for the Immunity Challenge, which is a game of memory. Contestants must memorize a series of nautical symbols as Probst shows them, and then correctly show them back in order. Incorrect choices will eliminate players, and the last person standing wins Immunity.

There’s not much to describe here. Brenda and Marty are the last two in the challenge. Brenda outlasts him (and Kim beats David). For a moment, it looked like Marty might be able to extend his stay in the game, but for now, it’s time to play It’s Anyone But Marty. Please let it be Marty.

The discussion at camp is exactly the same as what we’ve seen all episode. The debate comes down to Marty versus Jane, and the way you know it’s not Jane is because Brenda and Sash explicitly state that they’d like to keep Marty around for a couple more votes.

Tribal Council is the Marty versus NaOnka show. While we joke that when NaOnka talks, we don’t listen, the truth of the matter is that tonight she throws some pretty good punches. Marty tells her that her father will not be proud of her. Her reply is a killshot. “Oh, he is, because I’m here, and you probably won’t be.” Seven votes later, he’s gone. Marty will spend the rest of his life talking about how well he played Survivor. Every time his name is mentioned to us, we will list him as one of the worst tacticians in the history of the game. Brag about eliminating Jimmy Johnson all you want. The coach understood the game. Marty was just there for self-aggrandizing. Note to Marty: If you want to know who voted for you this week, it’s everyone who didn’t ride a zipline…plus sash.

The preview for next week seems to indicate someone dies or something. We don’t get to see what it is, but the Survivors all appear to be in tears. Perhaps Dan will finally go to the glue factory where he belongs.

As for Marty’s closing comments, he claims, “I wouldn’t change a thing I did to my game.” That’s right, he finished 11th out of 20. Way to go, big guy!

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