Survivor: Nicaragua Recap

Worst Case Scenario

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 20, 2010

What do these two ladies have in common? Why yes! They can help you in challenges!

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Previously on Survivor, the game of Old vs. Young was thrown in the garbage so that the show could start from scratch. However, it didn’t really shake out that way. The younger group wound up with the majority on both of the new tribes. Tyrone offered his new tribe (Espada) rules and structure, which meant his ass had to go home. Meanwhile, Dan continues to deftly implement his tortoise and the hare strategy to win Survivor. He’s harder to kill than John McClane.

Just to taunt his Espada teammates further, Dan is now threatening to quit. He says that he already has a Range Rover and a Ferrari, so he doesn’t need this rain and struggling for meals crap. He also had some $2,000 shoes once, but those are gone. The best part of this segment occurs when Holly, who recently talked about quitting herself, gets judgmental about Dan’s choice. Holly, as politely as we can say this, Dan buys and sells people like you before breakfast. Actually, he can probably afford smarter ones.

Meanwhile, Yve’s options are dwindling. Her primary alliance with Marty, who is no longer on her tribe, and even if he were, his primary alliance is with Jill. She wasn’t informed about the tribe’s vote because her teammates thought she had an alliance with Tyson, which is news to her. Her big problem is that she is showing competence, while her compatriots, including Holly and Dan, have not done so thus far. She seems to be in a lot of trouble.

Over at La Flor, Marty and Jill are talking about exactly the film you would expect for a couple of tightasses like them. “I feel like I just fell into Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” says Marty. That would be most triumphant. Remember a trashcan, Marty.


The conversation between the two of them reinforces the generation gap that has been the theme of this season. Jill believes that her doing the dishes is currying favor with her new teammates. As Tyrone would tell her, hard work around camp earns you absolutely nothing at the vote. Marty and Jill are going to have to come up with a new strategy if they want to Survive.

Probst sighting! It’s not a Tribe Immunity. Instead, it is individual immunity for one person from each tribe. As is typical with these challenges, there will be one big winner who will earn their group a feast as well as the opportunity to watch the other team at Tribal Council. The challenge is done team by team, with Espada going first. The individuals are battling each other to dig up three rings made of rope, which they will then toss over their back into a basket. The first person to get all three rings and arrive at the finish line will earn individual immunity. After both tribes have gone, the two winners will compete for the reward portion of the meal.

For Espada, it’s a close race between Holly, Alina and Benry (with NaOnka doing absolutely nothing), but Holly edges it out. La Flor sees the race coming down to Kelly B. and Jill, with Jill taking the immunity for La Flor. Thus, two older people are safe tonight in Holly and Jill, and potentially Marty, who has the hidden Immunity Idol.

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