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By Vijay Kumar

September 7, 2010

Who got their politics in my Bollywood?

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Did You Hear About the Morgans?

Did You Hear About the Morgans? is fuelled by clichés. It is like a comfort dish in that you needn’t get excited at any point of the movie expecting a red herring. Given the rather sedate story line, the director Marc Lawrence has chosen two of the most typecast actors in Hollywood today – Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker - he of the laid back wit and irresponsible variety and she of the Manhattan born and bred (with no use for the kitchen oven other than as a storage space). The two of them kind of reenact some of the characters from their earlier movies. Grant’s repertoire of wits is good for giggles, but the rest of the movie is quite stale. One has to say that Carrie Bradshaw does look ridiculous when placed outside of a metropolis. Unfortunately, that’s the crux of the storyline that involves separated couple Paul and Meryl Morgan forced to hide out in Ray, Wyoming as part of a Witness Protection program. They find their way back to each other and New York City as the movie progresses.

I watched the previous Marc Lawrence-Hugh Grant collaboration, Music and Lyrics, as an in-flight movie. I dozed in between and never missed a "note." Their form continues with this theatrical flop that recovered half of its $60 million budget at the box office.


Ended up with…

Whilst checking out the above movies, I invariably end up fattening my instant watch queue with some new additions. These go into my “Ended up with…” list and the plan is to watch them during the week ahead. NetFlix keeps tempting me to move each one of them to the top of the queue but I resist. These are movies that I plan to check out in the days ahead.

The Love Guru

I know I am in dangerous territory here, but I am unable to resist adding Mike Myers' phenomenal flop to my instant watching list. What can I salvage from a comedic disaster that competed with Steve Carell’s Get Smart and still lost?

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

I subscribe to the Stephen Sommers brand of movies. They are true popcorn fare and deliver what they promise. With G.I. Joe, I expect very little challenge to my acumen. Based on trailers and news bits, the CGI is supposed to be good and there is a lot of action involved. How can a man deny that?


Rounding off the movie list for the week would be what I expect to be a surefire personal hit – Moonstruck. This has been popping in and out of my instant watch list for some reason. Lots of Oscar caliber material in this romantic movie with Cher and Nicolas Cage in the lead roles.

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