Top Chef Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

August 31, 2010

Does this gray fish taste bad? No, taste it!

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As for Amanda, who has “The Big Cheese,” she has so far understood the problems with her dishes and shown a little bit of a lack of confidence, but this time around she makes a comfort dish of macaroni and cheese with bacon and jalapenos. Obviously, this is the sort of meal that she has loved in her lifetime. Now, Rick seems to criticize the fact that her choice is too thick, rich and heavy. Amanda is confident in her dish, but Rick seems to have made up his mind ahead of time somehow.

Even so, he claims that Kelly’s dish was the worst, and we at least have to agree that it was too simple. Rick also claims that Amanda’s dish was like a sledgehammer to the gut. She doesn’t take it well, for the reasons we mention above. She believed she had truly made something delicious.

Rick’s favorites are Kevin’s bacon dish and Ed’s gnocchi, which he says were both well thought out. Ed’s is the winner, though, and he wins the opportunity for his food to be sold through Schwan’s. Angelo does say that he can picture Ed’s face on the packaging, because his head looks like a potato. Hopefully, the picture on the package won’t show him in Tiffany’s dress.

Next up is the Elimination Challenge, which will send the chefs to Natinals Park to cook some good ol’ ballpark food. (For those of you who don’t get the joke, please click here to see what we’re talking about.) The contestants are informed that they must cook as a team - something they’ve had trouble with in the past – and that their ballpark food must work together cohesively as well as individually.


Kelly assumes complete control of the “team,” which instantly irks everyone else. Then, Amanda says that she would like to do something using crab. Kelly replies, “NO! I wanted to do a crabcake.” She asks if Amanda would be willing to do some sort of other lfish instead. What’s bad about this is that the rest of the chefs seem to be on Kelly’s side on this argument, which may indicate they don’t really think Amanda can do a very good crab dish. Kelly gets her way, and they’re all off to the store.

As they shop, Angelo is looking for baguettes, but is told that the only thing that is close on the shelves is some hot dog buns. That’s the same, right? On the other side of the store, Kevin spends less than his allotted amount.

Once the chefs begin to prep, Angelo immediately starts freaking out. Tiffany talks about a great meatball peppers dish that she has had at the Texas State Fair. We figure that fair food is probably on a parallel with ballpark food, so this is a good choice. Amanda is doing a tuna tartare, and consults with Angelo on how to make it just right. A lot of people don’t trust him to give honest assistance, so this is a concern.

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