Top Chef Recap

Foreign Affairs

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

August 10, 2010

Why did it have to be Argentina?

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First things first. BOP wants to congratulate Jason Lee for his strong performance at his World Championships. We know he was a little disappointed, but that's because he's such a strong competitor that he becomes frustrated any time he doesn't win. We hope he enjoys the rest of his time in Norway.

Previously on Top Chef, someone stole someone else's pea puree, and the cameraman missed it. The cheater was punished by winning the challenge. That'll learn him. Also, Andrea was eliminated, and we may or may not be upset about that depending on which one Andrea was. Seriously, there have been some lousy contestants this year, and there are about four more we wouldn't mind seeing gone.

The episode starts with Kelly in that same reality competition situation we see from time to time, wherein she misses her friend and laments her elimination, but is relieved that she wasn't punished for her own mistakes. We'd put Kelly in the middle of the pack, not one who desperately needs to go, but also not someone who we think has a realistic chance of winning the competition.

As for the pea puree, it's still the focus of the conversation. None of the chefs, including Ed - whose dish is the one that went missing - wants to believe that a competitor would steal a dish. However, it's a little unlikely that they'd do the same dish. A number of commenters have said that it would be very difficult for Alex to have created the dish in the time he was allotted, but Tom Colicchio has said it can be done. It bears noting that even Ed has said after the fact he's not sure what happened and can't be certain that his own pea puree wasn't inadvertently thrown away. The good news is that if we are going to talk about Peagate, the subject matter isn't what you think it might be.


Today's episode is Tiffany focused. She's talking about the fact that she took time out from her wedding planning to compete on Top Chef. Given her performance so far, we think she made the right choice. Tiffany has finished in the top group three times and has yet to finish in the bottom set. The Kenny/Angelo feud has dominated the first half of the season, yet she has quietly demonstrated that she is in the conversation for strongest contestant.

The Quickfire features Marcus Samuelsson, the current reigning champion of Top Chef Masters. The challenge has the contestants cooking Ethiopian cuisine, a style of cooking that only a few of them have executed. The winner will receive immunity, and Tiffany thinks that would be "awesome!" She's never won a Quickfire, and now sure would be a great time to come out on top.

Angelo is confident, because he used to serve Ethiopian cuisine. Kenny points out that Ed and himself are the only two other chefs who have similar experience with the flavors. We're not sure if this gives them an advantage, as it's possible more will be expected of them if they bring it up. Angelo does get the best compliment of the three as Marcus is tasting the dishes. The Top Chef Master asks Angelo, "Are you sure you're not born Ethiopian?"

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