Monday Morning Quarterback Part I

By BOP Staff

June 28, 2010

As you can clearly see, this picture conclusively proves that Ghana cheated against the US.

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The title is ironic

Kim Hollis: Grown Ups, the movie BOP is calling Adam Sandler's Couples Retreat, opened to $41 million. This is Sandler's third biggest film opening to date. Is this more, less, or about what you expected? Do you see Grown Ups evolving into a franchise?

David Mumpower: This is right in line with my expectations. While we're joking about the derivative nature of this relative to Couples Retreat, the reality is that it's the same thing. A group of actors have been given an exotic vacation and asked to leave the swim-up bar occasionally and do something bland, relatable and marginally funny. The end result is a combination of scathing reviews and significant box office revenue. This particular endeavor is right in Sandler's wheelhouse, because it's the type of film his fans want him to do and it also affords him the opportunity to cast his pals, something he has always loved to do. I am of the opinion that the instant Couples Retreat was announced, Sandler's crew was texting one another that they had to do a similar project. $41 million later, they have and it worked. Next up: Sandler's Eleven.

Tim Briody: I don't know if it's franchiseable, but this is definitely a solid opening. As these guys get older, their audience, for the most part, moves on. But put 'em all together and it was pretty much going to be a hit. This is the biggest hit for Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider in a long time so I'm sure they're eternally grateful to Adam Sandler and Kevin James, who are responsible for about 95% of the opening.


Tom Houseman: I'm surprised. I thought this film would come off as too juvenile for adults and too tame for teens. Apparently I underestimated the taste of both demographics, but what else is new? I guess bland comedies featuring old guys have a big fan base, as between Grown Ups and Wild Hogs we're seeing the growth of a genre. But the beginning of a franchise? No chance. Adam Sandler has starred in exactly zero sequels. It does mean, though, that he'll be given carte blanche on his next project, which is a terrifying thought.

Reagen Sulewski: Yeah, Sandler seems generally uninterested in covering the same ground twice ... at least with the exact same character. Variations on the same are a different story (Billy Madison and Big Daddy - totally different. Just ask him). This was an easy win in going after the middle-of-the-road, middle-aged comedy market that apparently can't miss. But really, Sandler's always shown a pretty savvy ability to "grow" with his audience and to have an innate ability to reflect where they are in their life.

Kim Hollis: While Sandler doesn't do sequels, there's nothing saying there couldn't be one, a la Daddy Day Care/Daddy Day Camp. That doesn't mean it's a good idea, but I can see the studio going forward with a project that maybe features just Rock, Spade and Schneider.

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