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By BOP Staff

May 13, 2010

Consider your friend request rejected.

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Josh Spiegel: Having only seen the original Predator dubbed in French (not my choice, to be clear), I'm not exactly chomping at the bit for a new film, but I will say this much: the preview does a very good job of evoking an Aliens vibe, even with the very odd cast (so Adrien Brody is the leader of these tough guys? Adrien Brody? And Topher Grace is billed second?). I'll still probably wait for Netflix, but before this preview, I wasn't expecting to even go that far with this film.

Curt David: Congratulations to Michelle Rodriguez! I watched that trailer and every time they showed the female soldier, I expected it to be Michelle Rodriguez, but it wasn't. The movie would be better if she was in it (I really like her). But the congratulations goes out to her, because if she's not in this movie, she may be getting to pick better roles now. (I liked how she was the tough chick in Avatar, but was finally allowed to smile in a movie). Interesting side note: Robert Rodriguez produced Predators, but chose Michelle Rodriguez for his next directing effort: Machete.

Kim Hollis: I find this trailer to be pretty blah. I'm not feeling like it offers anything new or distinct in the Predator mythology. Honestly, I got a little bored part way through it and tuned out a bit. That's probably not a good thing for an action film.


Michael Lynderey: Seems like about an average Predator film, and it's going to be out smack dab in between some real genre heavy-hitters (Last Airbender, Inception). One other problem this has is that the last Predator movie technically came out less than three years ago, so expanding the audience for this one beyond its existing fanbase may be a real challenge. I dunno - it seems to me like Robert Rodriguez really should have directed this film, and maybe some kooky-but-brilliant plot would've been the real ticket, rather than another jungle adventure. But we shall see.

Scott Lumley: This is one of those movies that is going to drive me crazy. I loved the original Predator. I even enjoyed the sequel with Danny Glover. Then for a long time there was nothing, followed by a pair of really, really, horribly, unbelievably bad crossovers. So for me, I just want this movie to return the concept to respectability. To treat the franchise with a little love and make it something more than a bad joke. There's so many directions this franchise can go and I'm hopeful that they've picked a good one.

If there's one thing that makes me hopeful here, it's Adrien Brody. His garbage film quotient is very, very low. I'm hopeful we can at least get a King Kong level of performance. To me, that means at least a $75-$80 million box office performance. Not earth shattering, but definitely a good result.

As to whether or not we get that, flip a coin. At least Verhoeven's name is nowhere near the project...

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