Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

Survivor History

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 16, 2010

Skin and bones is not just a metaphor with her.

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Of course, as we know, there is a second hidden immunity idol out there now, and Parvati and her underling go searching for it. Note that Evil Loser Russell is left out of the loop. Usually, he's looking for the idol while no one else knows, but the tables have turned on him. Not only is there an idol he's not aware of, but it's his own "allies" who are searching for it. This leads to the interesting speculation that both ELR and Parvati could play an idol at Tribal Council against each other, meaning that one of Danielle, Courtney or Sandra would have to go home. Alternately, there could be a merge with five Villains and five Heroes, but the Villains would control two hidden immunity idols. This is getting good.

Back at Heroes camp, JT is embarrassing himself in a way we've never seen before on national television. He's been looking at Evil Loser Russell as they stand across from each other in challenges, and he's sure from the glances they've exchanged that theirs is a meaningful relationship. There's just something about that man. Basically, JT writes him a note that says, "Dear Russell. I like you. Do you like me? Check yes or no." We're just...befuddled. We're convinced that Evil Loser Russell is one of the X-Men. His mutant power is to make others work against their own best interest.

The Immunity Challenge borders on irrelevant. It seems like everyone there is operating under the same assumption. The Heroes will win, and JT will do the stupidest thing in the history of the show. And that's exactly what happens. Everything plays out so perfectly that Colby and Evil Loser Russell are the only two contestants standing near each other on a pair of platforms, which allows them to have a conversation. Colby says, "Hey Russell. You going home tonight?" Russell nods his head. Colby goes on, "Listen, when the challenge is over, you go to JT. He's gonna give you something. Okay? Use it tonight. Protect yourself. Get rid of one of them. Come on board with us."

When Russell asks who he should get rid of, Colby quickly states, "Parvati." ELR shakes his head in disgust as Colby goes off for his leg of the challenge. The Heroes have "won" and then everyone pretends not to look as JT hands over the idol and what's left of his pride and respect as a Survivor player.


Back at camp, JT is the dumb criminal who brags about his carrying out a brilliant bank robbery while the FBI surrounds his home. It gets worse, of course, when Rupert chimes in. We'll just quote him for you. "With Russell getting the hidden immunity idol, Russell is probably beaming with excitement. Russell is probably having trouble containing himself right now." Well, at least we're pretty sure he's correct.

And now, it's time to play It's Anyone But Courtney. Although she and Sandra are tight, Courtney does make an effort to argue why she makes more sense after the merge than her buddy. The gist of it is that she has a close relationship with Amanda and this notion does appeal to Parvati, who would then have her choice of loyal handmaidens to step over on the way to the final. For various reasons, all of Parvati's allies are against the Sandra vote. For ELR's part, he realizes that the numbers would be too far in Parvati's favor, while he would have no henchmen of his own. Note to Russell: this is a sign that you're not in control of the game. With regards to Jerri, her situation is tenuous at best already. They even literally sit "above" her at camp - she's down below them as they talk about voting strategy. And Danielle is worried that Courtney, who has some personality, will replace her as highest ranking Parvati drone.

With most of Parvati's allies against the idea, Courtney's fate is sealed, which we find particularly stupid. Courtney finished a respectable second during her season, but Sandra didn't just win. She was one of the most impressive champions the game has ever seen. If there is a merge next week, there will be five members of each tribe, but the reality is that Sandra is untethered and Jerri doesn't have much holding her to the power trio, assuming someone can slap some sense into her on the point. Of course, the Heroes aren't exactly a brain trust, so...

To recap this episode, JT gave a hidden immunity idol to the opposing tribe. Rupert and Colby encouraged him in this act of madness. Do you know who could have prevented this from happening? Tom. The fireman could have talked his team down from the ledge. Instead, they kept Colby, who just egged them on. We might not like Evil Loser Russell, but we were laughing just as hard at the Heroes' ineptitude as he and Parvati were. We can guarantee you this: JT was not checking his voice mail or reading any texts during the airing of this episode.

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