Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

Banana Etiquette

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 23, 2010

James was also eliminated but Tyson was such a dumbass that we wanted to give him solo billing.

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For the Villains, the contest boils down to Rob versus Tyson, with Evil Loser Russell and Parvati just a bit behind. Sandra gives no effort whatsoever. Given the names we mentioned, it's no surprise that Rob wins individual immunity and then beats Candice in the contest for reward. You know what? From now on, we're just going to call him Awesome Winner Rob (AWR for short).

Back at Villains' camp, AWR is once again celebrated as king of the tribe. The majority of the Villains stand on the beach and announce their joint intention to vote off Parvati while making ELR think that it's him, forcing him to use his hidden immunity idol. The people involved in this conversation are Sandra, Courtney, Coach, Tyson, AWR, and Jerri. We're amused by the transparency of the Villains' voting. Of course, this is Survivor, so it's almost never that easy. Colby hopes.

AWR takes this opportunity to taunt ELR, stating that if Russ has the hidden idol, he should use it at Tribal Council. When ELR says he doesn't have the idol, Rob smiles and says, "It's been real." We laugh. And laugh. And laugh some more.

Still, Awesome Winner Rob does overplay his hand a little bit here. ELR is pretty confident they're going to vote for Parvati and only want to flush out his idol. So, he plans to give his idol to Parvati, with his alliance (Danielle and Parvati) writing down Tyson's name, which would be enough to get of an ally of AWR. After all Evil Loser Russell has used the idol to maximum effect in the past, so if anyone can scheme their way to avoiding elimination, it's him.


Over at Heroes camp, Colby refuses to play It's Anyone But Colby. He offers to fall on his sword for his tribe. He knows he's next to be eliminated and thinks they should all just enjoy their afternoon and then sit quiet at Tribal Council so as not to give anything away to the villains. Our favorite moment in this sequence is when JT says, "Our five has to be the strongest possible five we can have." Somewhere in the northeast, Tom is throwing his remote control through his plasma screen right now.

One vote too late, James's health is questioned by his remaining tribe mates. A discussion ensues about what a resources hog he is. Apparently, he takes more bananas than a Donkey Kong Country player. And other people want bananas! This is a serious breach of banana etiquette (and thus we have the explanation for the quirky title of the episode)!

Amanda informs James that he's going to have to race to prove his health in something James dubs the "Hero Olympics". She also tells him not to eat so many bananas - at least not without also offering one to his tribemates. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

During the race, James gingerly runs down the line and appears to tweak his injury again, losing to a backwards-running JT. Of course, James immediately says, "I'm not hurt!" While all this is going on, a brutal edit shows Colby being blissfully apathetic to his tribemates. Obviously, he's convinced himself that he's at a private island resort, and he's enjoying every last minute of late checkout.

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