The Amazing Race Recap

Cathy Drone

By Daron Aldridge

March 23, 2010

I bet they have so much to talk about.

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Cathy Drone? – Brothers Dan and Jordan inept interpretation of a friendly French woman saying "cathedral"

Last week we got the intended payoff from a U-Turn that actually eliminated Joe and Heidi. This week will Team Super Fuzz continue their winning ways or will the bottom dwellers from Big Brother or South Carolina change their last place scenery? Let's see.

After back-to-back first place finishes, Team Super Fuzz of Michael and Louie has become the unlikely heir apparent to last season's winners/dominating team Meghan and Cheyne. The cops have run a very smart last couple of legs and get to leave at 7:47 a.m. to drive themselves to the town of Reims. In Reims, they must find the only outdoor statue of Joan of Arc and a woman playing a sword. This is not euphemistic (since we are no longer in the Hamburg red light district) but a lady actually playing a sword like a cello.

Louie reveals his enjoyment at the sight of the others floundering in the race and Michael declares, "We're gonna win this continent." Hubris is typically not a good sign on the Race, so Super Fuzz might want to get that in check.

About 20 minutes later, Coach Steve and daughter Allie leave with the cowboys Jet and Cord less than ten minutes in their wake and brothers Dan and Jordan only four minutes behind them. The producers do a great job of editing this show because it seemed there was a significant time gap between second, third and fourth place when they got to the pitstop.

Dating ladies Carol and Brandy aren't too far behind, leaving at 8:39 a.m. Given that we haven't seen Super Fuzz make it to Reims, the ladies are still in decent shape.

The first three teams arrive at the statue with coach/daughter first, then the cowboys, and the cops. They receive their clue in the form of a champagne cork. Here is where people take different strategies in the game. A friendly local tells Steve and Allie that the cork is from a winery in the town of Epernay. This elicits a gleeful, "I would love a little bubbly," from Steve. Coupled with his conquering the beer boot solo, me thinks that Coach might have a problem similar to Barney Gumble and Mayberry's Otis.


Upon getting the cork, the cowboys impulsively decide to head to the town of Champagne instead of performing any real due diligence. Given the confidence level of Steve and Allie's local advice giver, we know the ‘boys are going the wrong way. Super Fuzz wisely uses the local tourism office to find the statue and the same intel that the cork is from Epernay.

The brothers are trailing a bit and ask a local woman for the statue's location and she literally points them to a "CA-THE-DRAL" but the brothers somehow hear "Cathy Drone." For some reason, producers latched onto this soundbite for the title, which I think is lame. So I will play another edition of "Better Titles for this Episode." After they get their clue, the brothers run into Michael and Louie at the tourism office and leave with the same guidance, which they use to follow one another.

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