March 2010 Forecast

By Michael Lynderey

March 5, 2010

Take that, Avatar!

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4. The Bounty Hunter (March 19th)

Former lovers (Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler) hit the road, fleeing from killers and re-igniting their passion, while dodging both bullets and their unwanted but ever-present romantic chemistry. There's a hint of last year's Did You Hear About the Morgans? in the plot here, but not much of anyone saw that one, so I guess we're okay. As a general social observation, I can also add that for the first time in some time, the lead actresses in these battle of the sexes romantic comedies seem to be getting older and older (think Aniston, Fey, Bullock, Lopez, Streep, the Sex and the City gals, and Madea). No opinion on this, just a thought. But anyway, listen here a minute, Bounty Hunter: I predicted real big numbers for your brothers and sisters - When in Rome, the Morgans, and Leap Year - and got burned for it, so you're not fooling me again with all the things you have going for you, like a funny trailer, big stars, the right release date, and a potentially famished demographic. But I'm going to give you one last chance, because down at the bottom line, I have to go with my gut. Just don't fool me again.

Opening weekend: $22 million / Total gross: $56 million

5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (March 19th)

This one's a children's movie right in time for March Break, based on a fairly popular book series. More than that I really can not say, except that I've heard some off-the-cuff buzz about the size of this one's fanbase, and there's an interesting supporting actor or two among the cast. It'll do all right. If it's good, it may do even better than that.

Opening weekend: $14 million / Total gross: $43 million


6. Green Zone (March 12th)

Hey, did you know that Green Zone is set in Iraq in 2003? That's the push poll question of the day, and I don't think much more need be said - but then again, who doesn't love a little verbosity? There's an indisputable attempt with the trailers and so on to play this one out like the fourth Bourne movie, with star Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass re-teamed (at last?). But what the movie really looks like to me is another slog into the backrooms of the Iraq War, a Body of Lies for 2010 - with Damon taking over for DiCaprio, and Greg Kinnear and Brendan Gleeson sharing the Russell Crowe role. Don't get me wrong: this could be a real good movie; but like its predecessors in the subgenre, it has simply found itself existing at the wrong place and the wrong time.

Opening weekend: $14 million / Total gross: $39 million

7. Remember Me (March 12th)

Here it is, at last: the first clear post-Twilight star vehicle for Robert Pattinson. Remember Me's also got Emilie de Ravin, basically unseen at the movies since Hills Have Eyes '06, and Pierce Brosnan, back already after Percy Jackson, if without his now trademark hoofs. The film looks like an odd duck, no doubt there, with a genre and premise I just can't puzzle out - is it a drama? A tragi-leaning romance, like Dear John, ending with one lover weeping at the other's graveside? Or a thriller, perhaps, with the aforementioned graveside scene being played out in a whole different context? Either way, let's pay tribute to Pattinson's not inconsiderable fanbase, and peg this as at least a good opener, if not necessarily one with a penchant for strong legs.

Opening weekend: $16 million / Total gross: $36 million

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