Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

It's Getting the Best of Me

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 19, 2010

Don't feel too badly for her. Her husband is a major league pitcher.

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Day Four at the Heroes camp largely takes on the appearance of an Angels' Party. They've got the ambrosia, they've got the harpsichords, and everyone's cheeks are at their rosiest. We note that several of the players had anticipated a tribe with a strong work ethic, yet to an individual, they are clearly taken aback by just how well they are functioning as a group. A touch of editing demonstrates some potential friction between Rupert and Stephenie, but this is what qualifies as a Survivor tickle fight.

We switch back over to the Villains' camp, where real drama is going down. Rob tells Sandra he's sick of putting forward maximum effort when no one else does. He comments that he feels weak and dizzy, and takes a break to drink a coconut, while a brutal edit shows Courtney, Parvati and Danielle complaining about how they can't coast on the efforts of all the harder workers this time. Rob walks into the forest to decompress, and at this point, he collapses. Jerri had been concerned for his well-being and followed him, and that probably staved off a more serious situation. She goes for help and we have our first Probst sighting of the evening as the medics arrive. It's only Day Four, and the Villains are already facing a doomsday scenario.

The medics arrive and offer news that gives us a tremendous sense of relief. He looks worse than he is in reality. It's described as "the flu, maybe a little case of crybabyitis." Rob tells Probst to look out, because he's going to win the game despite this. He comments that the game of Survivor has given him so much (which is true - he's rich, famous and married because of it). In watching these comments, we feel that this is a good indicator that when Probst retires, Boston Rob could easily take over.


He also announces the joyous news that he is going to behave as a villain. If this were a wrestling telecast, he would be superkicking his former tag team partner through a plate glass window right now. The Beast has officially awakened.

Probst sighting! We get deja vu all over again during this Immunity Challenge. The competition is a eight-on-eight challenge, which means that the Villains sit out Randy and Courtney, while Rupert sits out for the Heroes. In the first part of the race, it's very physical, as a boy-girl team has to roll a giant box back to their home base. For the Heroes, James and Colby can basically roll the box by themselves. Obviously, the Villains have no such power players, particularly since Rob was just waylaid with his illness. Due to their superior strength, the Heroes have a half box lead when they start the puzzle portion of the challenge.

JT is given full authority to lead the puzzle compilation thanks to Amanda recognizing that his prior experience on the same challenge gives him a level of awareness that should prove advantageous. Unfortunately, they again suffer from a "too many chefs" situation. This puzzle is not one where one person can move a piece on their own. One of JT's directions is countermanded by Stephenie, who claims that a box needs to be moved differently. A few moments later, JT realizes that his strategy has been thwarted, and the box has to be moved back down and repositioned. James is livid and shouts at Stephenie to be quiet.

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