Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

January 5, 2010

Bring on Usain Bolt!

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Ready to take flight

Kim Hollis: Up in the Air expanded into 1,895 locations, earning $11.4 million. Its total so far is $45 million. Are you ready to describe this as a huge win for Paramount?

Josh Spiegel: I don't know that I would call this a huge win, but it's definitely a win for the company. Of course, Paramount can expect Up in the Air to make money for the next two months, as it's likely going to get a fair amount of Oscar nominations on February 2nd; the month building up to the ceremony should help out its total. And, considering that George Clooney, despite being considered a bona fide movie star, has only been in two non-Ocean's $100 million grossers, Paramount should be very happy.

Tom Macy: The victory is certainly a big one, but I might hold off a few weeks before I use the word huge. I think ceiling for this film is very high. Once Oscar nominations are announced - which is clearly the goal here - we'll get an idea of how high. Up in the Air appears to be this years Little Juno Sideways Millionaire, the annual little film that could. The fact that Paramount managed to sell it to the public as a smaller film despite the presence of George Clooney-verse is the real marvel.


Michael Lynderey: I agree that it's not a "huge" win, maybe, but this is definitely shaping up to be one of the more solid Oscar titles of the year. And if you don't count Avatar, this is already the highest-grossing of the fall batch of films that have real shots at awards wins - a fact that puts Up in the Air in a very comfortable position. And unlike Precious, this one is on the upswing. With just enough momentum and some luck, Up in the Air can be a $100 million title, something that similar movies like About Schmidt or Sideways weren't able to become.

Matthew Huntley: I'm in the "wouldn't say "huge" win right now, but a win nonetheless" category as well. However, I have no doubt it will eventually turn into a "huge" win when all its nominations and awards propel it beyond $100 million. By then, I will be ready to describe it as such.

Reagen Sulewski: If you compare this to Reitman's last film, Juno, it's basically following the script to a T. Considering that it's an even stronger Oscar contender than that film, it's likely to approach the $140 million final box office of it, especially if it wins. In short, it's a home run.

Kim Hollis: It's really just getting started, so yes, it's a big win for the studio. At this point, Up in the Air is a top Oscar contender (particularly considering that it's going to be up for most major awards - Picture, Director, Actor, Supporting Actress, Adapted Screenplay). so it's only going to gain momentum as those awards are announced (and won).

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