Top 12 Film Industry Stories of 2009:
#4: The Twitter Effect

By David Mumpower

January 2, 2010

You will be assimilated.

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Such an intricate system of communication is problematic for the existing movie studio system. It is an industry predicated upon secrecy and artificial buzz. In this day and age, controlling the flow of information is a physical impossibility. The process in place for maintaining uniform dispensation of movie details went from problematic to archaic to Jurassic in a period of a decade. At this point, the industry is in an unprecedented state of flux as new methodology is examined in the hopes of finding a better way to deal with the intermingled nature of communication. Even those who believe the Twitter Effect is wildly overstated if not completely fictitious understand that the new consumer ability to disperse opinions instantaneously creates a precarious position for suppliers.


Coincidentally, the solution to this problem also presented itself in 2009. Films like Taken, Star Trek and The Hangover have shown that the Twitter Effect is a dual-edged sword whose advantages are significant. Making a good movie has never been more beneficial than it is in the era of instant communication. Buzz can go from nothing to YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS in the span of a single night at the top of Twitter's Trending Topics. That is the Twitter Effect that matters.

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