The Amazing Race Recap

December 8, 2009

They're so tight knit that they can sit in the same room together! And awkwardly hold hands!

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Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound – Sung off-key by an Elvis Impersonator and all the teams while waiting for their clue in Las Vegas

I am getting a bit misty that the last leg of one the best seasons of Amazing Race is here. I will make sure to get it out of my system while Phil gives us a recap of this season's highs, lows and drama. I hope that everyone said a prayer to your respective deity that brothers Sam and Dan will not win. Amen. All right, here we go.

The episode starts back in Prague (the city...not the country, Dan and Sam) and it's déjà vu all over again with Meghan and Cheyne in first place. Of the 11 legs this race, they have won six of them. That is pure, unadulterated domination, folks. It's 11:10 a.m. and Meghan and Cheyne learn that the final destination city is Las Vegas. Cue up Katy Perry's "Waking up in Vegas" and the producers oblige. The teams have to find the Graceland Wedding Chapel and get their next clue guessed Elvis impersonator. I wish I could put some money down on how many Vegas clichés they will pack into this hour.

Meghan and Cheyne get the unfortunate news that the next flight is at 6:40 p.m., which means all three teams will likely be on the same plane as long as last place Brian and Ericka get to the airport in time. The producers have learned their lesson from season one when the final leg essentially had only two teams in it because Bill and Joe were a full day behind them and actually had a message sent to them in Alaska that the race was over. They wouldn't let that happen again and haven't.

Sam and Dan head to the airport and begin to hypothesize whether the final team is the Globetrotters or Brian and Ericka. Both teams seem genuinely shocked that the married couple edged out the Globetrotters. This brings me to question how they spend their pitstop break because we have seen footage of teams socializing during the break. This is the second time this season that the airport is the venue for the teams to catch up with one another.


Sam and Dan finally offer up their own taxi cab confession to Brian and Ericka for jacking their cab two legs ago. Of course, the brothers say that it was the cabbie's fault and not theirs. That's right, because the cabbie offered himself more money to take Sam and Dan over Brian and Ericka. Way to own up to your squirrelly game play, guys.

All the teams are on the plane and waiting to unload, when the producers put more money in Katy Perry's pocket by playing "Waking up in Vegas" again. They dash off the plane and are neck and neck heading to the chapel. All the teams get there and join in with Elvis on an unharmonious rendition of Amazing Grace. The producers missed a chance here to rework the song as "Amazing Race, How sweet the sound" but what do I know.

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