Take Five

By George Rose

December 2, 2009

Ironically, they're the most realistic looking cops in cinema history (Paul Blart excluded).

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Hot Fuzz (2007)

Speaking of zombie movies being mocked, Simon Pegg did just that with Shaun of the Dead. I'd recommend that movie right now to go along with Dawn of the Dead, but I'm pretty sure I recommended it many articles ago. But when given lemons, I try to make lemonade; the original Dawn of the Dead made me think of the remake, which made me think of Shaun of the Dead, which made me think of the talent known as Mr. Pegg, which made me think of his hilarious collection of films. One of his films, in the same absurd-comedy realm as Shaun of the Dead, is Hot Fuzz. Both were directed by Edgar Wright, both were written by Pegg and Wright, and both are incredibly funny.

Pegg stars as Nicholas Angel, a London cop who is just too good at his job. He's good in the outrageous Schwarzenegger way, where getting the bad guy means setting off a chain reaction of elaborate stunts and action. Though, like Shuan of the Dean, Pegg means to mock the genre. He's definitely no Rambo – in fact, he's more Geek Squad than Greek God – but he sure treks around in uniform like he could save the world from a Michael Bay invasion. After establishing his character as the unlikely badass, he is reassigned to the small town of Sandford, which seems just a tad too peaceful. The movie would end right there without some underground criminal activity, and it is there that Angel finds his purpose and another reason to go on a wild goose chase to save the day. If you know the Pegg name (he was in this year's best movie, Star Trek) and haven't seen Hot Fuzz, I highly recommend it. For those unaware of Pegg's talents, Hot Fuzz is funny and accessible enough for all to enjoy.


Hercules (1997)

Ever since I saw the trailer for The Princess and the Frog, Disney's Christmas release that hopes to reinvigorate 2D musical animation, I realized how little I care for the genre to make a comeback. Believe me, I'm all for an African-American princess finally gracing Disney's presence, I just wish it had come a decade sooner. What about the movie looks appealing? The trailer showcases a weird, fat crocodile that comes off more obscene than kid-friendly, and when it isn't focusing on him it's outlining what appears to be a frog romance. That's right, it's like a hybrid between Beauty and the Beast, Shrek and The Rescuers. Or that's what I gather. Based on the money it's currently making in limited release, it's going to be a smash hit. My guess, though, is that the early money is coming in because of the novelty and will wear out quickly. Some of Disney's best animated musicals performed below expectations, and while I personally am not rooting for The Princess and the Frog to join the ranks of the underrated, I won't be surprised if/when it appears on someone's Top 10 list at the end of the year. I also won't be surprised when it makes less than $100 million.

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