The Amazing Race Recap

By Daron Aldridge

December 1, 2009

*sad Globetrotters whistle*

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"It starts with an F. That's all I'm saying." – Dan's contribution to working together with Big Easy.

First, I missed not being able to ridicule the gamesmanship and overall douchebaggery of the brothers last week but am in agreement with the astute and contemptuous conclusions that David and Kim provided. Also, I didn't get to mock the teams' complete ignorance of the location of Prague ("No, Sam, it's not a country" and "Can we really believe your excitement of seeing Prague, since you thought it was A COUNTRY??"), the total hair-brained guesses as to what a vintage Praga was, the unfamiliarity of what a mandolin was (didn't any of these people ever see R.E.M.'s Losing My Religion video?) or the transportation woes of Brian and Ericka. Now that that business is covered, let's get down to our final three because there can't be anymore non-elimination legs this season.

This penultimate episode starts with Meghan and Cheyne once again because they once again finished in first. Leaving about 30 minutes later, the brothers acknowledge that they are now seen as the villains. I would add "cowardly" to villains given their spineless averted eyes when they crossed paths with their taxi-jacking victims Brian and Ericka last week. If you are going to be the bad guys, then embrace it. (See Exhibit A: Russell from the current season of Survivor)

They go to a synagogue for their clue, which then directs them to the Ekotechnicke Museum for their first challenge, a Roadblock name Kafka-esque and celebrates author Franz Kafka. It involves entering a room with hundreds of ringing phones that they had to answer. On the other end of only five phones a voice would give them a letter. They have to figure out that the letters spell FRANZ. Oh yeah, they apparently can't write down the letters either while they retrieve them and when they have all the letters they have to fill out a form with random, unrelated personal information before making a guess to throw them off. This might be one of the most mentally tricky challenges we have seen in a while.

Meghan and Cheyne are the first at the Roadblock and Meghan is the doer of this task. She smartly devises her own memorization method of saying the letter out loud and then assigns an animal that starts with the letter, like Rabbit, Zebra, and Ferret.


The Globetrotters are the next to leave right after the brothers and Big Easy declares that they are proud of how they have run the race since they stayed true to their character, which really comes out in the race. I'm pretty sure that is a veiled dig at the brothers' overall crappiness to each other and the other teams and I couldn't agree more with Big Easy.

Meghan gets all the letters and fails on her first attempt because she didn't even attempt to spell a word with the letters.

The brothers and Globetrotters are on their way to the Roadblock as Meghan turns in her second guess, which is correct, and they are off very quickly. My guess is that she blazed through that task in less than 30 minutes since that is all the time that separated them from the second and third teams when leaving. They are now heading to a place called Kryocentrum...sounds ominous. Short of Phil showing up to make them run the remainder of the race as a three-legged race, Meghan and Cheyne are the clear frontrunners to take this whole enchilada.

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