Monday Morning Quarterback Part III

By BOP Staff

November 25, 2009

Vampires ain't got nothing on me.

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Where did the vampires go?

Kim Hollis: The Blind Side, the true story of the teen years of Baltimore Ravens football player Michael Oher, roughly doubled expectations in opening to $34.1 million. How did Warner Bros. manage such a magnificent feat in the shadow of the Cullen coven?

Josh Spiegel: This film's success could be attributed to any number of things: Sandra Bullock, All About Steve excepted, had a big summer success, the movie looked to appeal to those wanting a weepie/uplifting sports film, and the generally high numbers of people at the multiplexes and sold-out showings of New Moon may have siphoned some money over to The Blind Side. I wouldn't have figured the film to do so much in its opening weekend, but New Moon could be a big part of its impressive three days.

Sean Collier: It's a neutral, agreeable kind of movie, designed to appeal to families trying to figure out a movie they're all willing to see. Since the stores have somehow convinced us that the Christmas shopping season is underway and families the nation over are being dragged to the shopping plazas, trips to the theater are clearly up. It was in the right place at the right time.

Reagen Sulewski: I touched on this a little in the forecast, but they hit on a neat little cross demographic - men who like football and women who like heartwarming stories. Plus, it didn't hurt that The Proposal reminded people that they want to like Sandra Bullock.


Tim Briody: This is a fantastic opening that nobody's going to remember in the face of New Moon. Here's your definitive proof that there is never a finite amount of dollars available at the box office.

Jim Van Nest: The trailers and TV commercials for Blind Side were perfect. They showed you Sandra Bullock being her cute Sandra Bullock-y self. They showed you that it was a football movie. And they promised a heartwarming ending as Oher turned out to be a first round draft pick. What more could you look for in the face of vampires that could lose to all three Chipmunks?

Jason Lee: I agree with Jim 100% and I'm surprised more people haven't brought it up. The trailer was perfect. I'm not a huge schlocky movie fan and Bullock does nothing for me...but even I wanted to see this movie after watching the trailer. Furthermore, I'd like to make a prediction right now: Bullock gets a Best Lead Actress in a Drama nod at the Golden Globes for this film come January.

Kim Hollis: Jim and Jason are both right. That trailer - and the television commercials - were all golden. And they were aired during sporting events (frequently), ensuring that men who might want to see this would be aware of it, while women would already be inclined to think it looks spiffy thanks to the spunky Bullock character.

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