Amazing Race 15: Episode 6

By Daron Aldridge

November 3, 2009

Best friends = closeted couple. And it's clear which one has hand in the relationship.

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This is not my finest hour. – Ericka summing up her performance and attitude this leg

Possibly the greatest meltdown in the show's history capped off last week's episode and put an end to Mika and Canaan's race. Whatever will we do without someone saying something completely ignorant each week? We'll find out.

We pick up, I suspect, literally where we left off, with Meghan and Cheyne leaving Dubai first at 1:13 p.m. Let me explain/speculate. After taking in virtually every episode of every season, I am well aware that the pit stop for each leg requires a 12-hour rest. That being said, we are reminded with a clip from last week that Meghan and Cheyne got first place, while it was very bright and obviously daytime. Since they are leaving at 1:13 p.m. and still sunny outside, it's clear that they didn't cool their heels at the Atlantis resort for 12 hours. What gives? I will continue wild-eyed speculation later.

The race is taking the teams to Amsterdam and locating a statue on a causeway for the next clue. Meghan and Cheyne head to the airport and are informed that the next and only flight out of Dubai to Amsterdam is at midnight. My speculation continues. I wager that the producers knew that there was only one flight to the next destination city and so, they tweaked their rules accordingly to prevent a full day's layover in an airport. I am fine with this, except that Cheyne and Meghan seem disheartened by the news but after five legs they would notice that there wasn't a rest period. Personally, I am putting way too much thought into this. Back to the race.


Tiffany and Maria are the next to leave at 3:09 p.m. and Tiffany acknowledges that they shouldn't get too comfortable near the top because there is a longer way to fall. Sam and Dan are one minute behind the girls. Both are in route to the airport to hurry up and wait.

Brian and Ericka are next at 3:25 p.m. and Ericka admits that she feels like she's becoming a nagging wife on the show but hopes they are able to stop it before it becomes a problem. Pop and son Gary and Matt leave at 3:34 p.m. and are thrilled to be putting a European country's stamp in their passport. Speaking of, I have missed travel document-challenged Zev and Justin the last couple of legs.

Globetrotters Big Easy and Flight Time are the last ones off the mat at 4:20 p.m. and they recognize that the teams are praying they get knocked out of the race. Big Easy understands that wish because they are very competitive and strong. He makes it sound more humble than I just did. See, I already forgot the egregious game play at the sake of Mika's sanity on the last leg.

But with all the teams at the airport waiting for the midnight plane to Holland, an unidentified person (father Gary, I think) asks what did happen with Mika and Canaan on the slide. Big Easy reenacts the event and he explains that they thought she was actually close to going down the slide, so he worked to convince her that it wasn't worth it. He also explains that he didn't want to make her cry but he didn't want to go home either. Judging by the laughter of the other teams and the absence of anyone questioning his tactic, no one is really broken up about Mika and Canaan being gone.

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