Survivor: Samoa

This Is the Man Test

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 23, 2009

Evil Russell has triumphed over Good Russell. Somehow.

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Previously on Survivor, everyone lived. Tonight on Survivor, someone will DIE! Or at least that's what the previews would have you believe. We don't mean to be macabre about this, but it wouldn't break our heart two see a few of the contestants...okay, Evil discomfort.

More seriously, last week was the second straight time that someone targeted by Evil Russell was not voted off. Even though he ultimately voted for the person eliminated, he really had wanted it to be someone else. For strategy's sake, he went with the whims of his tribe.

As the show begins, Jaison is miserable and talks of quitting again, indicating that nature itself is against his tribe's success. He kind of sounds like a Tennessee Titan (sorry, Kyle Vanden Bosh. Kim still loves you). Meanwhile, Evil Russell thinks that Evil Russell is quite possibly the greatest person who ever lived. He relishes the suffering of others, making us wonder if he somehow missed his calling as a middle school gym teacher (Bombardment!).

All kidding aside, the entirety of Foa Foa seems destined to sit on the top couple of rows at the Survivor reunion special.


We occasionally see seasons where the elements are a huge factor. Generally, it's the heat that wears people down, but this season the combination of constant rain and cold weather is destroying the spirit of most of the Survivors. They're trying to huddle wherever they can for warmth, but with wet clothes and patchy shelters, it's impossible to be comfortable. Good Russell does his best to keep Galu's fire going, but his teammates don't particularly appreciate it. They worry that he's overexerting himself and comment both that they never asked him to do this work and also that if he'd picked a tarp over comfort items in an earlier challenge win, they wouldn't be suffering as much as they are now. We think they're overestimating the power of a tarp.

The mood changes at Galu the following morning when after 26 hours of rain, Erik believes he has prayed away the inclement weather. While we're not certain the situation was dire enough to call for divine intervention, we do agree that the morning rainbow is beautiful.

Probst sighting! This is the time when Jeff really earns his money. We've maintained for awhile that people don't appreciate how good Jeff is at his job. No one will be debating that after this episode.

Today's challenge combines reward and immunity again. The winners receive a pizza dinner and get to eat it while watching their opponents suffer through Tribal Council. The competition sees one player from each team strapped into a giant hamster ball. Two blindfolded people will push ball down a track to a ball maze. Since they are blindfolded, they must rely on the person in the ball to give them directions. Galu is required to sit four players, and several of them suggest that Good Russell should sit this one out. The argument is that his strength is noticeably diminished in the past few days, emphasized when he stumbled at their bed and complained of a chill. He has tried to play it off as an aggravation thus far. His teammates believe that he could use a break. After a moment of deliberation, Good Russell decides to ignore their instincts and has Shambo, Dave, Monica and Kelly take a spot on the bench.

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