Amazing Race 15: Episode 3

By Daron Aldridge

October 13, 2009

Whoopsie daisies.

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Sean Penn Cambodia Here We Come – Justin commits to a mispronunciation joke

With Ron and Marcy eliminated, the race is full of a bunch of 20- and 30-somethings, save for dad Gary. Will this lack of age diversity make it less entertaining? Probably not. We also have to see who will lose their passport as promised in the previews. I am still holding out hope that Keri does and Lance's head explodes from sheer rage.

The last leg kicked off with the first and last teams separated by only an hour and a half. This time as the teams leave Vietnam, there is less than 40 minutes between first and last. I am digging the fact that each leg is actually more than "anyone's game" than some previous seasons turned out to be.

There isn't much variation in the formula as all the teams must head to the airport to book a flight to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. One by one, they caravan to the airport.

During their interview, Brian and Ericka dubbed this season's race theme as jungle because in the first leg there were ducks (I didn't know that there were ducks indigenous to jungles) and then a zebra statue. They are trying really hard to work in a Jungle Fever reference and then they do. Way to go, guys.


During their cab ride to the airport, Zev and Justin butcher the name of the destination city to comical effect and rename Phnom Penh Sean Penn, which leads us to the episode's title "Sean Penn Cambodia here we come." Score for Justin and Zev. I wager that photographers aren't welcomed in that part of Cambodia, so the cameramen should beware.

Much to Flight Time and Big Easy's dismay, the first flight to Phnom Penh isn't until 12:25 p.m. So, not only does a good 18 hours of airport waiting lie in their future, this guarantees that the teams will be on the safe flight. This is true until Lance and Keri and Zev and Justin show up as the last two teams and are promptly informed by the ticket agent that the 12:25 flight is full and they will have to take the 2:15 p.m. one. So much for my enjoyment of the lack of separation of teams into groups that are disproportionately spaced out.

I must say that both of these teams were surprisingly calm when dealing with the Vietnam Airlines ticket agents. While somewhat defeatist but uncharacteristically mature, Lance observes, "That is not really good but what are you gonna do?" Exactly, sir, there is no good in getting in the ticket agent's face or causing a scene. I am shocked that Lance made this revelation.

Both teams book 2:15 tickets but put their names on the waiting list also. The first flight's teams pile onto a shuttle and head to the tarmac to board. When it looks like the first flight will be sans Lance/Keri and Zev/Justin (thank you strategically placed commercial break), both teams get their standby requests fulfilled. When their shuttle arrives at the plane, the other teams are boarding and with a classy "No cheap win, bitches," good ol' Lance has shown back up.

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