Take Five

By George Rose

October 7, 2009

They are all within one degree of Kevin Bacon.

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While I'm not sure if the movie deserves the few film festival awards it received, it was still a very entertaining and scary horror movie. Considering the state of the horror genre, Midnight Meat Train is pretty much the best horror movie of the last year. It's pretty gory and at times I had to cover my eyes (because really, who wants to watch nails being ripped off someone's fingers?) but that didn't stop my enjoyment of the film. In fact, everything thing but one supporting actor was worth watching and enjoying. Vinnie Jones was wonderful as always and is still someone I would NEVER want to fight at a bar. Leslie Bibb actually does a great job as Leon's love, proving how far she has come and grown since her days on Popular. And then there's Brooke Shields, who is just always a constant annoyance in my book. Luckily for us, she isn't in too much of the film because it really is one of the few recent horror movies worth watching.

A Few Good Men (1992)

While continuing my job search, I had a discussion with my mother as to what professions I might be suitable for. You'd think the field I majored in while in college would be a clear indicator but in times of a recession any job will do. Then there's also the fact that the first department to feel company-wide cutbacks is usually marketing. Good thing that's what I majored in, right?! No, not a good thing. Well, it's a good thing for you, my readers, who require that I watch movies. Anyway, just a few days after I watched A Few Good Men she coincidentally suggested that I consider becoming a lawyer. She thinks I enjoy arguing and could make a living off of it. I argued that she was wrong and that my best chances were in the field I majored in, or something easier that doesn't require 80 hours a week worth of work. She agreed. Hmmm, maybe I should be a lawyer.


There's really no point, though, because I wouldn't want to be a lawyer unless I knew I'd be an amazing lawyer like Lt. Daniel Kaffee, played by Tom Cruise. At the beginning of the movie he is just a lazy Navy lawyer who likes to plea bargain his way out of trials, but after he is assigned a case of two officers following an order that leads to the death of another officer and the subsequent trial, he rises up to take on the task of clearing their order-following names. By doing this, he must work hard with his counsel team (including a pre-Botox Demi Moore) to become an even better lawyer than his father (oh, the daddy issues), so that he can confront the Colonel who may or may not have ordered the "Code Red" that led to death. There really isn't much tension throughout the movie about whether or not the Colonel ordered the code red; the real tension is wondering how Kaffee is going to find evidence or coerce the information out of the Colonel while on the stand.

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