Amazing Race 15: Episode 1, Part 2

By Daron Aldridge

October 5, 2009

Eighteen hours and several tubs of sushi from now, they'll look less happy.

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The Amazing Race kicked off with twists and delivered on the fast-paced promise of the producers. In part one of the season premiere, one team didn't get to leave L.A., another team got a reprieve with the first ever non-elimination at the first pit stop, and teams started to repel or attract viewers.

Let's see how it unfolds after their mandatory 12-hour rest period.

The interviews edited into the departures give a better glimpse at what is driving the teams.

In the top spot, Meghan and Cheyne leave the shrine after reading the clue, which tells them they are already leaving Japan and heading to Vietnamese village of Cai Be via Ho Chi Minh City. Meghan gives us a glimpse into the seat-of-his-pants strategy that Cheyne prefers – "We'll figure it out when we get there." That free-wheeling attitude works less often than not.

So, when given the choice between going to the airport to see what flights are available or using the hotel's Internet to book the flights ahead of time, Cheyne and Meghan go with the airport.


Next are Zev and Justin. Courtesy of Justin, we learn that they have taken the opposite approach of other teams who are lying and intentionally told people that Zev has Asperger's. Why? Justin thinks that other teams will underestimate Zev and he feels confident with his teammate.

Mr. Street Lawyer Lance and Keri leave just a few minutes after Zev and Justin and all four prefer the Web to ticket counter. In restating the glaringly obvious, Lance admits that they bicker and get passed but that he isn't here to find himself. To affirm this claim, he ratchets up his self-absorption a notch by actually looking down at himself and saying "Look I just found myself." Pardon my internal monologue: {This guy is a complete tool.} He is giving street lawyers everywhere a bad name. Oh wait, I think he's the only one of this completely fictional subset of barristers.

The next four teams all leave within five minutes of each other with Marcy and Ron (our resident elder statespeople) and our good friends the Globetrotters, Flight Time and Big Easy and father and son Gary and Matt follow married Ericka and Brian directly to the airport.

Brothers Sam and Dan finally acknowledge what I just assumed in part one. They are going to keep their sexuality a secret to let them flirt with the girls for an advantage. It's just a variation on the ol' "Don't ask, don't tell" and it just might work. The sexually pure (Mika's words not mine), CMT couple of Mika and Canaan are looking at overcoming a second to last place finish this time around. Unsurprisingly, the Internet teams, including these two teams, find and book the earliest flight, which leaves Toyko at 10:30 a.m.

The two hour penalty that Phil placed on poker players Maria and Tiffany for muffing up the last challenge puts the girls waiting to leave at 3:22 a.m., or two and a half hours behind the others. They reiterate their plan of lying about their job because people don't want to help the "rich, successful poker chicks" but will help non-profit workers. While probably true, why not just downplay the level of success you had at playing poker. It's just an idea. Oh yeah, we are treated to how Tiffany breaks down their team dynamic by saying that she's the brawn and Maria is the brains and the boobs. These may be...umm...assets at the poker table, but they will not be too interesting to the brothers.

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