Top Chef Las Vegas Recap

By Jason Lee

October 5, 2009

We hate to see the big man go. He seems to smile almost every moment of his life.

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So this week's recap is one big game of Memory. Not for the chefs. For me.

I apologize to all of you out there who read these recaps (or am I deluding myself into thinking that anyone even reads these pieces?) but I was in Switzerland last week and through the early part of this week, so I was unable to even catch up on last week's episode of Top Chef until Tuesday night. Then on Wednesday, I settled into my spot on the couch, ready to take notes for Episode 7 when to my surprise, there was no new episode.


Well, I won't let a little Bravo re-run spoil my fun. Instead, I'll spend my time writing up a recap from last week's thrilling episode . . . albeit, largely from memory. So please pardon me if I'm a little shady with the details. But onward we go!

So after a rather auspicious start for the women this season, it looks like the men are on the defensive. After a season that saw four straight women go home, the last two episodes have featured men going home. Are we seeing the tide start to turn for the ladies?


The episode kicks off with Pompous Mike blabbering about how nice a guy our Frenchie Mattin was and how unfair it is for Robin to be still in the competition whilst Mattin gets eliminated. I, for one, thought that Mattin's failure with his ceviche absolutely merited his elimination and Tom Colicchio clearly agrees with me. On his blog he writes, "Mattin's food was not cut evenly, thus it didn't cook evenly. Some was cooked while some was raw. Nor was it seasoned properly. As soon as it landed in my mouth, I tried to get it down and realized I just couldn't."

I think it's fair to say that when your food is so bad that Tom Colicchio cannot even swallow your food, you deserve to pack your knives and go.

But I guess Pompous Mike disagrees. In totally passive-aggressive style, he fuels a mute protest by handing out red scarves that Mattin used to wear to everyone in the house...except for Robin, that is. She has to ask for one to be given to her so that she can partake in the "grief" over Mattin going home. But Pompous Mike isn't the only one who's angry that Robin is still in the competition, Eli and Jennifer voice their displeasure with her as well.

We head to the Top Chef Kitchen, where we see Padma standing next to the ravishing Michele Bernstein. Some of you may remember her from when she served as Kacie's sous-chef in the Season 3 finale. I love Michele Bernstein. She's smart, talented, well-spoken, poised . . . everything I love in a woman. Seeing her stand there next to Padma, who possesses all of those qualities as well, is almost enough to turn me straight.


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