Take Five

By George Rose

September 29, 2009

They just saw boobs.

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After a long night of trying to sleep with a nasty cough, I went downstairs to find my younger brother watching this movie. At first, I sat down beside him to fun of him. Not because the movie isn't good but because I don't think my brother will ever get married. But then I found myself watching the movie and remembering how we would watch it with our mother when we were kids. My mom loved the Father of the Bride movies and passed that interest down to her children. The thing is, they're actually quite funny. I've seen Part 2 many more times than Part 1, because I was only six-years-old when Part 1 came out. By the time Part 2 was out, I was old enough to be present when my mother watched the VHS on repeat.

Steve Martin stars as George Banks, a man who can't seem to handle the changes that come with life. In Part 1, he struggled with seeing his daughter get married. That's why they called the movie Father of the Bride. Though there is no wedding in Part 2, the story continues with George's daughter and wife both getting pregnant at the same time. Yes, hilarity does ensue. Did I mention that George's wife is played by Diane Keaton? This is one of her recent roles that doesn't have her styled in wild, highlighted hair or big belts over collared dresses. But still, it's Diane Keaton, and she's lovable no matter how she looks. If the Martin-Keaton pair isn't enough for you, Martin Short returns as the extremely hilarious and eccentric Franck Eggelhoffer. There isn't much more to elaborate on, since the movie is mostly pregnant woman gags with occasional dramatic elements, but if you're looking for a Martin or Keaton comedy that is leagues better than Martin's Cheaper By The Dozen or Keaton's Mad Money, this is it.


The Green Mile (1999)

Ok, this is a historic Take Five moment. Brace yourselves, everyone. Normally, I enjoy bashing on Stephen King. Why? Because he's a successful writer and I'm an unemployed one. That, and some of his books really don't transition well to the big screen. At all. But today, I'm not only going to recommend one of his movies... I'm recommending two. First Carrie, now The Green Mile. It may never happen again, so pay close attention. Even though I was sick this past weekend, I decided to go to my buddy's apartment on Saturday night and hang out with some friends. When I got there, two TVs were on. One had a Yankees game on and the other had The Green Mile. Since these are all straight men and sports are my kryptonite, I expected to be sitting alone in front of The Green Mile while they all watched sports. Oddly enough, everyone but one guy was watching The Green Mile. This made me proud.

It didn't just make me proud that they chose movies over sports. I was proud that the movie they chose is actually a great movie and not something plot-less with naked women all over the place. You'd be surprised at some of the movies I've walked in on them watching, so it's really no joke when I say I was both shocked and proud at their Green Mile selection. It's not that I think this way of all straight men, just the ones I find myself friends with.

Anyway, the movie is about a death row inmate who isn't at all what he seems. When Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) meets John Coffey (Michael Clark Duncan), it's assumed he's guilty of murdering two young girls, mainly because John is a giant and could crush a car with his bare hands. Once we get to know John, we discover that he's afraid of the dark, has special healing powers and is, well, not the sharpest tool in the shed. The acting in this movie is superb, especially Duncan, who earned a Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his role. I was thrilled when I saw the movie on TV because I was looking for a fifth movie to recommend this week and, seeing as how I figured I'd finally throw Stephen King a bone, this seemed appropriate. Also, it featured a Stephen King staple: the magic glow! I laughed when the pile of sticks glowed blue in Pet Sematary and rolled my eyes when the spider's stomach glowed orange in It. Nothing like that happened when I was watching John's hands glow as he brought an animal back to life, but I did realize in that moment that Stephen King really has a hard on for seeing things light up. Oh well, I got my fifth recommendation and King got two nods this week. This time, everyone's a winner. Except I'm still sick. Maybe King can send John my way.

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