Monday Morning Quarterback Part I

By BOP Staff

July 27, 2009

What a strange threesome.

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It's still better than Willard

Kim Hollis: G-Force, that weird rodent movie from Jerry Bruckheimer, opened to $31.7 million. What should Disney take from this result?

Calvin Trager: The money and run?

Tim Briody: Clearly, how could the world have existed all this time without talking guinea pigs?

Josh Spiegel: On the one hand, I'd say Disney should be happy to have had another kids' movie hit number one (as sad as it makes me to see this silliness do well). On the other hand, this is something of a bust. This is the third 3-D kids' movie in the past two months, and the lowest-grossing. Sure, it's about talking guinea pigs, but this movie has been marketed like crazy since the release of Disney/Pixar's Up, and the thing was in 1,600 3-D theaters. $32 million seems almost a little low. Either way, Disney should be happy, but maybe not too happy that its big hit may not hit $300 million because of the guinea pigs.


Jim Van Nest: Having actually seen G-Force...Disney should be laughing all the way to the bank. For them to score the #1 flick of the weekend with THIS...that's something to be pretty happy about.

Jason Lee: How proud the late Walt Disney would have been to see how his legacy of talking rodents has survived unto this day.

Reagen Sulewski: I don't really want to be that guy, but I would like to hear the explanation as for why Tracy Morgan's guinea pig had to be black. Now, having not seen this, I can't comment on how well the executed the idea, but I will say that when I heard about the concept for this, I was prepared to get out the knives. When I finally saw the trailer it was something closer to "well, that could have been worse". There's a reason that Disney has stayed on top with kids' entertainment all these years - they know just the right mix of goofy (and Goofy) to put into a film that will get kids excited and bothering their parents, while at least giving the parents hope they won't be dreading every minute. The addition of 3-D is just the latest gimmick to get there.

Jim Van Nest: The way I looked at Tracy Morgan's guinea pig...he was the demolitions expert. Stereotypically, the demolitions expert is always the cocky, slightly unstable one. Seems to me they just let Morgan do his thing. And since he is (the last time I checked anyway) a black guy, his guinea pig was, for lack of a better word, black.

Kim Hollis: Given that G-Force is the kind of thing that appeals strictly to the kiddie set - causing great pain to the adults forced to take them - it was never going to be on the level of other high-performing 3-D movies. I think Disney should be very pleased with the results so far, though I do temper that with a bit of reservation until we have a better idea of what the budget was.

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