Take Five

By George Rose

June 23, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the genesis of the Lawrence Welk Show!

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Since I am a bigger fan of Bullock and Reynolds then I am of Black and Cera, I decided to see The Proposal. As I drove to the theater, I put on the radio (94.5 PST, for all you tri-state area dwellers) and Taylor Swift's "Love Story" came on. What a coincidence, right? Or was it fate? Either way, the cheesy, romantic sappiness of the evening had begun! I bought my ticket, got my usual soda and popcorn, and sat down just in time for the previews. One worth noting is All About Steve. It was fitting because it stars Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper. Cooper just scored big with The Hangover and, after seeing The Proposal, I'm sure Sandra is about to have a decent sized hit on her hands (*now that the weekend estimates are in, The Proposal is in fact a hit and Bullock's biggest opening ever... yay for Bullock!). The problem with All About Steve is that it doesn't look that great. If Cooper knew The Hangover was going to be massive, I'm sure he would have waited for a better picture to be his follow-up. As for Bullock, All About Steve looks like a step down from The Proposal, which is not the direction this woman should be looking in. She won't be so desperate after The Proposal brings her back to the top, like Miss Congeniality did, though All About Steve feels like a Miss Congeniality 2. That was a bad move and I fear her film in the Fall will be too.

As for The Proposal itself, it was very enjoyable. It wasn't as good as The Hangover and it wasn't the best romantic comedy ever made, but it's Bullock doing what she does best and we haven't seen her attempt this kind of work in a long time. I think what made me enjoy the movie so much was Betty White, because seeing her made me think of the tragic loss of her Golden Girls costar Bea Arthur, and thinking of Bea put me in a forgiving mood. I was eager to enjoy Bullock and Reynolds, despite their recent missteps in Hollywood. Thank you, Bea, for being the woman you were and for helping me focus on the positives of the stars I love instead of trying to be a pessimistic critic as usual. I didn't expect or hope to have a good time going into The Proposal. Instead, I made sure to. There were definite moment of boredom but for the most part I smiled, laughed and even got teary eyed.


Okay, enough about The Proposal. I have five movies to recommend and not much free time to do it (as usual). It appears I opted for the longer intro this week, maybe to compensate for the short one I wrote last week. In any case, I have work in a few hours so I have to use what little break I have left after the long weekend to think of a few good movies you might enjoy until the next article is released. Let's see what I can come up with...

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