Take Five

By George Rose

May 19, 2009

This movie is over your head, most likely.

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Didn't I just graduate from college? Aren't I supposed to be on vacation since Northeastern University substitutes Summer breaks for "co-op" internships? The plan was to wait until the Fall to look for a "real job" while I enjoy the beach and work part time for the next four months, the first real break I would have in five years since I chose a co-op university. That was the plan: take a break, relax, catch some sun and enjoy the Summer movie season in all its marketed glory. But how often do plans ever come to fruition?

If plans were reliable, I would have hated Star Trek and loved X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That didn't happen. Wolverine still makes me cringe at the thought of its video-game style plotline and I hope to see Star Trek at least once more (third time's the charm). The future can't be planned and movies are never what they seem. Oh, life, you funny little jokester. What makes this inconsistent existence a little more tolerable is the home-run hits out of the park from surprise hit films, the kind you go into with little expectation and come out from with high hopes for a better future. The film doesn't need to soar past $200 million (though Star Trek is sure to pass that mark and maybe a few more) for it to restore faith; maybe for it to alter the domestic box office but not for individual appeal.


Since I seem to have much less free time than I planned, I haven't been able to take the five minute breaks necessary to watch some of the older classics I hoped to catch up on or even the more recent critically acclaimed features. Instead, I have only my DVD collection to walk by as I head to-and-from work (not as part-time as I planned) to remind me of some of my favorite films. I could fill several articles with the big blockbusters we all know and love (or at least remember) but there are a few I own that you may not have heard of that are worth a peek, if you can find five minutes in your own busy week to watch them. If those on "summer break" can't find the time to do it I'm not sure when you will, but keep these titles in mind just in case you find yourself a little more fortunate than us dazed and confused post-graduates.

The Mask of Zorro (1998)

As the highest earner on the list this week, it is probably the most recognizable title. It doesn't hurt that it was an attempted re-launch of a beloved franchise from my father's heyday. I didn't need to see the old films to know of the character, since he was also a comic book legend, but my interest was hardly at an all-time high. The Summer of 1998 was filled with more interesting options (or so I thought at the time) but I was only 13 years old and my father was paying for the tickets so I saw The Mask of Zorro.

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