Take Five

By George Rose

May 13, 2009

Perhaps these boys would enjoy a nice Night at the Museum.

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Every so often a film will come along and restores my faith in movie-going. Too many movies are disappointments and rob you of the proper experience (I'm looking at you, X-Men Origins: Wolverine), while others are films that I expect to be good and later prove to be. The most rare kind of movie is the one in which you have little interest that, after seeing, moves itself to the top of your "I hope this movie produces 3,000 sequels" list. This week, such a movie was sent from the Heavens onto the public. That movie was "Star Trek".

Keep in mind I have never watched a single Star Trek movie or television show. I wasn't oblivious to the phenomenon but I was definitely a born-and-bred Star Wars fan. It just seemed contradictory to enjoy both. That was before George Lucas ate a McDonald's Star Wars Happy Meal and crapped out Episodes I and II. Episode III was good but not up to the standards of the original trilogy. Despite this decline in interest, I never turned to Star Trek for solace. I may have lost my desire to be a Jedi-fanatic but I was no traitor.


There were many other passing fancies to focus on after the Skywalker legacy was buried (R.I.P. Jar Jar Binks); too many to allow for the boredom necessary to rent and watch all the endless offspring of the Star Trek franchises. One of those fancies didn't pass. He stuck around, creating a trail of successful and interesting brands that kept him on the must-watch list. I'm talking about J.J. Abrams. This is the man that created Lost, made Mission: Impossible III the best of the series (Michelle Monaghan helped, too) and scared the crap right into my pants during Cloverfield. I may have been anit-Star Trek but I was so pro-Abrams that nothing was going to stop me from seeing his reinvention of the franchise. He made me care about Tom Cruise again, so I figured I'd give him of all people the benefit of the doubt. If anyone was going to make me a Trek fan, it would be Abrams. Stars Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana and Eric Bana definitely sealed the deal.

Star Trek was mind-blowing. I wanted to hate it but haven't stopped talking about it since. A friend of mine, who has seen the movie with me twice already, has since downloaded (I mean purchased) and watched the first four films in the series. I know this new wave of fans pisses off most Trekkies (that's right, we're still going to call you that) but I don't care. I'm going to declare it right now that Star Trek is the second best movie of the entire summer, after Harry Potter 6, of course. Maybe I enjoyed it so much because I didn't know the source material well enough to give it proper criticism (cough cough Wolverine was garbage cough cough) but I knew Abrams and that was all I needed. He, unlike others with a past, did not disappoint.

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