Take Five

By George Rose

April 14, 2009

Sure, The Mentalist is fine, but she really misses Prison Break.

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Armageddon is upon is. Not the movie – well, sometimes – but the looming threat that 2012 may actually be the End of Days. Imminent death often forces introspection, which itself is only possible with breaks taken throughout the day. I know I can never take enough breaks, but what has always helped me cope with life's moments requiring a little extra processing is watching a movie. If I can't figure out my own problems, I can at least watch someone else deal with theirs.

This week suggests our little eco system is being shaken by whoever is upstairs. In the last seven days, the temperature has been inconsistent while the weather has ranged from sunny to foggy to full-on monsoon. It hasn't helped keep my mood swings in order, but has helped me remember the wide array of films that suit each emotion.

In moving forward with this article, I hope to inform my few followers (spread the word, guys) that, in the midst of recessions and global warming, you should take five minutes each day to pause and reflect. Enjoy life's little moments, consider but don't dwell on the failures, and do something for yourself. If you can't think of anything – watch a movie. It's what I do, and I... ummm... turned out alright!

The thing is, we as people aren't supposed to make sense. We're complicated; we do many things for the wrong reasons, react inappropriately to things we probably don't understand and enjoy things other people find pretty stupid. I can't tell you why I had a scrapbook growing up of Jennifer Love Hewitt, Katie Holmes and Sarah Michelle Gellar – I know now they aren't really acclaimed actresses – but blind love isn't meant to be explained. Moments in our lives sometimes dictate how we feel about a movie more than its actual quality.

Each week, I will present five films that have in some way shaped who I am as a person, or were in my path of destruction while I was dragging through the education system. These films were the ones I relaxed with, the movies that give me my five minute escape from the poorly directed reality we live in. Whether good or bad, my reasoning right or wrong, they impacted me. With the turbulent week we just had, it's going to be quite the mixed bag of first offerings.


The Craft (1996)

I swear, there must be a crazy bitch – I mean witch – running around. She's probably pissed off about some guy who called her fat when he was drunk once, but that only matters when the girl practices witchcraft. This weather's got me thinking.

When I was in middle school, my screen name on AOL was NeveLover7. Neve Campbell was among the stars in The Craft and one of my biggest crushes. When Scream became a blockbuster shortly after and everyone started talking about Neve, I would roll my eyes assuming I knew her first. Somewhere deep down, I could feel she had put a spell on me.

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