Survivor: Tocantins

You're Going to Want That Tooth

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 13, 2009

Only one Survivor winner per relationship allowed.

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Previously on Survivor: Brendan found a hidden Immunity Idol. Taj informed Sierra that they were in an alliance so secret, Sierra didn't even know it yet. Finally, the chick who should have been voted off at the beginning of the show, Sandy, finally got the boot. We'll miss her the same way people miss syphilis.

Speaking of raging communicable diseases, this week's episode starts with Stephen scratching Taj's itchy welts. He remarks, "I've never brought this much pleasure to a woman before." We suspect that Stephen is just thinking about ways that he can bump her off so that he can have Eddie George all to himself.

After the itching session ends, Taj and Stephen go hover around a giant phallic symbol where they believe the Immunity Idol to be hidden. Sure enough, Taj puts her hands under the skirt and coaxes out its buried treasure. The potential for sandbags and surprises after the merge are countless at this point. We've got the completely unknown hidden alliance of four, and we've also got two people in each tribe that have a hidden immunity idol in play. Finally, if the group of four does make it past the merge, they're going to have to turn on each other at some point. The possibilities of duplicity are endless at this point.


The other important aspect here is that Stephen is the one with pockets; therefore, he is the one who exits the area in possession of the idol. Right now, it may not seem like much, but down the road, Taj is going to regret that "possession is 9/10 of the law" maxim. Meanwhile, the further good news for Stephen is that he finally has something in his pocket to show JT that the guy might actually want to see.

Over at Timbira, Sierra politely asks Debra and the gang if they need any help with daily chores. As Debra and three others walk away, they indicate that they're good. Without even pausing for another breath, Sierra turns to Brendan, who is building the fire, and accusingly states, "Dude! You didn't say anything!" Her main concern is to make sure that Brendan was not intentionally shutting her out, and once he assures her this is not the case, they begin to strategize about the long term benefits of their union. We cannot help but notice that while they celebrate their post-merge success, it's clear that the other four members of the tribe have formed a tight bond. Everyone who's certain to make it to the merge, raise your hand. Not so fast, Sierra.

Hello, Probst-y! For today's Reward Challenge, there will be several rounds where players will sit on a disc, while a player from the other team spins them around and around. After the spinning is finished, the disc-sitting player must get up and make their way across a balance beam. First player at the end wins the round, and the first team to win three rounds wins the reward. And what are they playing for? A trip to the Charmin Cafe. That's right. The Charmin Cafe. We know that players will have the chance to enjoy some food, but we can't get past the fact that the big reward is sponsored by toilet paper. And Jeff does in fact make a point to note that there will be a lovely toilet complete with the sponsor's product.

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