Survivor: Tocantins Recap

The Strongest Man Alive

By David Mumpower

March 6, 2009

Gone and (we hope) quickly forgotten.

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Previously on Survivor, everyone hated Coach. They were right to do so. Despite this, the only person who has gone up against Coach, Candace, got voted off the island. In last week's episode, the most recent object of his overwhelming ire, Erinn, survived. This was only because Jerry had stopped eating and everyone was afraid he might die, though. Erinn is in a lot of trouble heading into this week's episode, because her tribe, Timbira, cannot do anything right against Jalapao. She's the bottom woman on the totem pole of the group who appears likely to get whittled down like the proverbial ten little indians...unless everyone suddenly remembers what a wanker Coach is.

Following Tribal Council, the losers at Timbira cannot wait to turn upon one another. Coach wastes no time in being a total hypocrite, discussing how Erinn must go because she has become a cancer to the tribe. Why does he say this? Before the vote, she indicated to Jeff Probst that she sees more leadership potential in Brendan than Coach. That's it. That's what has set the psycho off. She correctly noted that a stable dude provides better leadership than a homicidal maniac. Everyone reading this is a team cancer if that is the main criteria. But the damage has been done. Erinn has hurt Coach's feelings. That poor, poor baby now has to deal with the ramifications that others may view Brendan as the Batman and him as the Robin instead of the other way around. This is the worst kind of outrage to Coach! The kind that affects Coach!

The following morning, Brendan shows leadership by having an open, transparent discussion with the group about the important nature of Probst's comments. He feels that a leader should be chosen and that Tyson and Coach are logical choices other than him. At this point, the camera monologue shows Tyson offer his commentary on the whole matter, which is that he wasn't paying attention to all that talky talk his tribemates were doing. FYI: it's kind of a strategy game, Tyson. Things other people say matter.


Recognizing that the entire group agrees with Erinn's assessment, Coach swallows his pride for a brief instant. He publicly professes his consent to Brendan's leadership. Almost immediately afterward, he tells the camera that were Brendan voted off tomorrow and Coach placed in charge, the tribe would see instant improvement. He also offers this arcane assessment of why it's not good for him if Brendan is voted off. "I want iron that sharpens iron." Coach is that crazy neighbor that all of the other neighbors talk about the instant he leaves the yard where everyone is hanging out. And he's the one that all of his exes have restraining orders against. We expect The Smoking Gun to back us up on this point any day now.

At Jalapao, Spencer is most concerned about Mrs. Eddie George. He notes that when she is sent to Exile Island along with Brendan, she does not have food, comfortable bedding or the other resources that the dominant tribe enjoys at camp. Instead, she has to see how the other half lives. Given the fact that she is older and less fit than some of her counterparts in the tribe, he wonders how she will hold up as the situation deteriorates in coming weeks. Little does he know that the Sister With Voice has a plan of her own that has her thinking VERY long term.

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