Amazing Race Recap

I'm Not Wearing That Girl's Leotard!

By Kim Hollis

March 1, 2009

Well, all the older couples have been eliminated now...

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We made a bit of fun of Luke last week for his claim that he really likes the cheerleaders, Jaime & Cara, because they're really nice and communicate well with him. We believed he liked...other things about them. But when we see them genuinely making a strong effort to sign with him, we can see why he might want to hang out with them. The cheerleaders are really making an effort and it's a genuine one, at that. Hell, it's even going to be hard to hate them for a little while.

It's Detour time. The choice is between Gypsy Moves or Vampire Remains. For the gypsy challenge, they have to load a gypsy cart full of all of a family's earthly belonging and navigate to a new camp, where they will unload the crap. As for the vampire challenge (Dracula lives after all!), they have to do everything you've ever seen in a bad horror film. They go to a scary place in the woods, drag a coffin, unlock the chains around it, and get the frames that are inside it. Then, in true Vlad the Impaler form, they must "stake" the frames in an effort to find a clue. The frames even seem to bleed. All that's missing is a little Holy Water, some garlic and Robert Pattinson. Vampire Remains seems easier, but it probably depends on the length of the woodsy walk and how complicated each task is.

Hey, remember Brad & Victoria? They're just arriving in Bucharest. They're ridiculously far behind at this point and probably aren't going to be shown until they're eliminated from the race.

Mel & Mike decide to do the gypsy challenge, which is significant because if you'll recall, Mel has injured his groin. We know this because he's mentioned it around 500 times. He complains that this might not have been the best choice, but slow and steady might work out for them as Amanda & Kris get out to an early lead, but see all their crap start to fall off the cart.


Speaking of the gypsy challenge, it really seems like the worst example of stereotyping we've ever seen on this show. It doesn't really feel like we're celebrating a different culture so much as we're saying, "Look at the homeless, ugly people and their garbage!" When an exhaust pipe falls off the cart, we cringe.

Victor & Tammy and Christie & Jodi both choose the vampire challenge, and we see more problems for the brother/sister team as Victor leads the way to a trail is not a trail. Taking a lead from Linda, who got miserably lost in last week's challenge, he just trudges blindly on, even though Tammy tries to tell him that in the earlier leg, the path was marked with a yellow and red arrow. People like this are the ones that kept Dracula fed through the 19th century.

On a side note, when you see a sign post up ahead and the choices are "To Coffins" and "To Impaling", we recommend that you turn around and go home.

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