February 2009 Forecast

By David Mumpower

February 6, 2009

What's my favorite scary movie?

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8) Street Fighter

The other Street Fighter movie is legitimately one of the worst I have ever seen. For a good five years afterward, I made exactly the same sorts of jokes I have recently been recycling for The Love Guru. The entire experience was absolutely miserable. Had it not been for that film, I would almost certainly be excited for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. I used to love the videogames and I have always believed the storyline for Street Fighter 2 was light years ahead of its time for videogames in general. So, I'm conflicted and that even ties back to the director. Andrzej Bartkowiak directed Romeo Must Die (that's good), Cradle 2 the Grave (that's bad), Doom (that's good) and Exit Wounds (the frogurt is also cursed). This movie could go any number of ways in terms of quality, but the one thing I am relatively confident about is that it will not be a box office dynamo.

9) Fired Up

This film strikes me as a full length feature for the comic relief guys from Stick It. Most people seem to consider it a Bring It On knock-off, which would be equally accurate if not for the fact that the Bring It On franchise has been doing that to itself a for straight-to-video sequels now. Nevertheless, I think the commercials for Fired Up are quite good with a killer joke at the end, "I want to cut the blond one." Fired Up is upwardly mobile in the month of February.


10) Coraline

As much as I love Neil Gaiman, this novel did absolutely nothing for me. The movie version, however, strikes me as exactly the sort of labor of love I will probably enjoy. In terms of mainstream support, it's just not getting that much, though. Coraline is being exhibited in a modest 2,299 venues, albeit with many of those offering 3-D support (and ticket pricing). I think this title's best days will be on home video as it becomes a hidden gem. For now, it's probably looking at a single digit opening weekend and an unspectacular box office run. It's hard to expect anything else when Stardust, a much more marketable project, could manage only $38.6 million.

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